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Trackless Train:
Custom made, It was recently restored, removable roofs, broken whistle (easy fix), driver seat has been repaired with tape, the overall condition is very good.
Comes with a trailer, local pickup only.
4 ft 4 inch wide.
24 ft long.
Trailer dimensions:
20 ft long (tongue included 4ft)
8ft wide

Located in Aliso Viejo, California 92656

30 14837 5,000.00   ended
Dunk Tank #1
Excellent condition, recently re-painted, good condition liners, fully operational.
I think it was manufactured by Twister Display but not 100% sure.
Local pickup

Located in Aliso Viejo, California 92656

6 13122 410.00   ended
Dunk Tank #2
Excellent condition, recently re-painted, good condition liners, fully operational.
I think it was manufactured by Twister Display but not 100% sure.
Local pickup
Located in Aliso Viejo, California 92656

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T203-1.jpgBull Ringer 
Condition: 9/10 (like new)
Notes: Excellent condition. Game is powder coated and like new.
Marketing Description: Ring a Bull game. This is a complete steel frame game that has a plastic ring that hangs in front of the unit with a rope. The player has to swing the ring and loop it onto the metal hook on the board. It offers a game of skill and chance all in one unit.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

9 13176 76.00   ended
Condition: 7/10
Notes: Very good condition overall. Everything works, and trailer tows straight. As you might expect the red paint is fading but still acceptable. The black nettings have been replaced. Very simple game to set-up: just tow, drop jacks, hook up water or use on-board water tank, flush the nozzles and you are ready to go! Very popular at fairs, festivals, and school and church functions. The water nozzles spray a refreshing amount of water that doesn’t soak the participants.
Marketing Description: Shoot-n-Shower is a hilarious fun filled game for people of all ages. Two to Four players battle against each other on each side trying to make more baskets than their opponent. A timer and scoreboard shows onlookers the countdown. As time expires, the side with the lowest score gets SHOWERED with a mist of water. In the case of a tie both sides will get a refreshing SHOWER!
For those participants that think they just can't lose, never fear, the operator has a remote that can SHOWER either side at any time for a little extra FUN and SURPRISE!
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

22 16596 2,200.00   ended
Condition: 9/10
Notes: Excellent condition. Super simple set-up. Just tow and drop jacks, then strap your riders in. No power required. Just rotate the drum and watch the riders have a thrilling time.
Marketing Description: Tumbleweed is an exciting ride for both kids and adults.
Up to 4 riders flip and tumble round and round under their own weight. Everyone will scream in delight and ask for more!

Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

26 16609 2,433.00   ended
T214-1.jpgRed Fire Truck Trackless Train
Condition: 7/10
Notes: Paint/gel coat is definitely faded but otherwise ride is good and ready to go.
Marketing Description: Our fire truck is fun for both people of all ages. The fire truck is great as an amusement ride by itself and is also a unique and fun way to transport people around an event.
Fire Truck capacity is 6 adults to 10 children.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

21 16596 2,322.00   ended
T215-1.jpg16ft Flume Wet/Dry Slide 
Condition: 6-7/10
Blowers: 1 1hp not included
Notes: Inflatable is in good shape except that the vinyl is fading as shown in the pictures.

Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

8 13633 260.01   ended
T216-1.jpgBaseball Speed Pitch 
Condition: 9/10
Blowers: 1 1hp not included
Notes: Excellent condition, almost like new. Ready to go. Includes radar. Just add blower, baseball, and customers.
Marketing Description: How fast can you throw a Baseball? With radar sports speed challenge you can find out with our advanced digital processing speed sport radar. Predict your final speed. Who has the strongest arm? Excellent "team building" competition. Speed Pitch Baseball Challenge comes with radar and large LED display board. Can be set-up indoors or outside.
This item is great for schools, churches, parties and team building.

Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

27 16240 780.00   ended
T301-1.jpgVIV Mechanical Bull
This Mechanical Bull System is in very good working condition including all manual and automatic controls. The Bull Body features a soft head. Blower not included.
Located in Prospect, KY 40059


30 16595 4,301.00   ended
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