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Condition: 7/10
Notes: This pitchburst is in very good condition and ready to go. Unit comes apart to ship and store in a compact area. Installation is simple with either 1 or 2 people. Can easily fit in the back of truck or SUV for over the counter rentals.
Marketing Description: Pitchburst is an exciting game that combines the soaking fun of a dunk tank with go-anywhere portability. So unique, Pitchburst has been called "the 21st century dunking booth" for its fun, simple design, versatility, and environmental friendliness. People love to play Pitchburst at parties, fund raisers, carnivals, fairs, festivals, corporate events and more. Pitchburst is safe and simple to play. Pitch a ball, hit the target, and SPLURSH, a water balloon bursts overhead!
Play indoors simply by adding a kiddie pool or filling each balloon with confetti, shaving cream, chocolate, or anything else you can imagine. Set-up two Pitchbursts units across from each other and have Pitchburst wars. Use opaque balloons filled with various concoctions and have contestants pick the balloon that will be burst upon them should the thrower find the target.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

8 4598 220.00   ended
T205-1.jpgCrazy Driver 
Condition: 9/10
Notes: Excellent condition. Game is powder coated. Almost like new.
Marketing Description: Well it's just that wacky and wild. The player has to control a small ball going down the lane without going off the sides. If you do, you are out! Game offers a nice 3 speed setting: easy, medium and hard for all ages. At first it starts off easy but as you get to the end you will need steady hands and quick wit to get the ball into the holder. Can you handle the Wacky Driver?
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

14 6548 410.00   ended
T206-1.jpgCrazy Quarters 
Condition: 8/10
Notes: Very good condition wood game.
Marketing Description: This fun "Plinko" style game is fun for everyone. Kids love to watch their quarter (or washer) bounce down the maze across the colorful clown face.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

5 16573 86.00   ended
T211-1.jpgStar Dart 
Condition: 8/10
Notes: Very good condition wood game. Comes with 3 darts.
Marketing Description: Looking for a safe dart game for your festival, fundraiser, promotion, or party? Star Dart is the game for you! This game utilizes 2 suction head darts for safety.
Change the skill level by changing the throwing distance or giving different prizes for staying completely within a star, hitting part of a star, or even just hitting the Star Dart board.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

6 16573 82.00   ended

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