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Category: INFLATABLES (11 records) SOLD! ARA Mega Party/Event Rental Auction! This auction has the assets from companies across the US. - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern) on Tuesday, February 27, 2018
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Triple Splash Slide
Length 33
Width 17’
Height 16
Manufacturer HEC Worldwide
Weight  617 LBS

This awesome 3 LANE Wet and Dry Inflatable slide is perfect for your school, church, and commercial clients. Great for commercial clients with needing to move riders moving through the inflatable quickly  Rent this slide all year round! Note: The slide no longer has the liners in the 3 landing areas, as we found they kept coming off with use, so we discarded them. The landing area is heat sealed and works perfectly fine without the liners.
Blower is not included
Located in Kenner, Louisiana 70065

25 16592 1,151.00   ended
T102-1.jpgDual Lane Pipeline Slide with Slips
Length – 20’
Width – 19’
Height – 27’
Manufacturer – HEC-Worldwide
Weight – Main Body 700 LBS, slips are 300 each
Condition: This RARE Dual Lane Water slide is still in VERY SOLID Shape. The slide body takes 2 blowers. Each slip only requires a 1.0 HP blower per slip. The liners are still in good condition and ready to be rented! This is one of the largest portable Water Slides in the country! It will be a great addition and eye candy for your inventory lineup! Note: This slide has a few small patches and some minor staining which can be seen in the photos.
Blower is not included
Located in Kenner, Louisiana 70065


27 16601 1,325.00   ended
T103-1.jpgBungee Run
Length – 35’
Width – 10’
Height – 8’
Manufacturer – HWA NAN
Weight – 300
Description/Condition: One of the most requested interactive units in the inflatable industry. Solid Air Pressure. Comes with back plate, cords, and vests.
Blower is not included
Located in Kenner, Louisiana 70065

13 12887 525.00   ended
T104-1.jpgCoconut Falls Water Slide
Length – 32’
Width – 26’
Height – 25’
Manufacturer – EZ-Inflatables
Weight – 690
Description: Your tropical adventure starts by climbing up the 20 steps to the top. Get ready to be propelled down a long slide and around a 180’ turn to splash in the pool below.
Condition: The slide requires 2 -2.0 HP blowers for strong air pressure. All of the step, slide, and pool liners are in great shape and ready to rent today! This could be the focal piece that separates you from your competition! There are some minor stains on the exterior of the unit and a small patch on the outside as well, both of these issues are minor and can be seen in the photos.
This unit sells new on IAAPA special at $6,995.00. Bidding on this is a great way to get a quality marquee piece at a serious discount.
Blower is not included
Located in Kenner, Louisiana 70065

16 12294 2,500.00   ended
T105-1.jpgZoo Playland
Length – 17’
Width – 10’
Height – 12’
Manufacturer – HWA NAN
Weight – 290
Description: This is a solid toddler unit, with some light staining and one small patch near the bottom of the elephant, however we have added a NEW step and slide liner
Blower is not included
Located in Kenner, Louisiana 70065

25 12887 565.00   ended
T202-1.jpgFirst-N-Goal Bungee Run 
Condition: 8/10
Blowers: 1 1hp not included
Notes: Overall very good condition unit. Normal wear on the replaceable vinyl cover where the bungee goes. Includes the bungees and harnesses as shown.
Marketing Description: Crowds gather around our exciting 1st-N-Goal Bungee Run. Participants compete head-to-head as they pull against each via harnesses attached to a common bungee cord.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

26 15293 776.00   ended
T204-1.jpgCircus Seals 
Condition: 8/10
Blowers: 1 1hp not included
Notes: Overall very good to excellent condition unit. Colors and graphics look great. Ready to go. Just add blower and pit balls to hover over the air nozzles.
Marketing Description: Circus Seals is a great skills games for players of all ages. The graphics will delight and inspire players' imaginations. The inflated seals levitate beach balls above their noses, while players throw balls to knock the beach balls out of the air.
Change the skill level simply by moving players backwards or forwards from the targets. Unit includes tons of built-in hooks to attach banners and prizes. This item is fabulous for festivals, school and church functions, business promotions, and even birthday parties.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

14 14487 270.00   ended
T207-1.jpg16’ American Eagle Cold Air Inflatable (includes blower) 
Condition: 9/10
Blowers: Included
Notes: Overall excellent condition with very little use. Great promotional inflatable for any time of year.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

11 3037 175.00   ended
T208-1.jpgClown Hover Ball Race 
Condition: 9/10
Blowers: 1 1hp not included
Notes: Overall excellent condition. Ready to go. Just add blower and pit balls to hover over the air nozzles.
Marketing Description: Hover ball is an exciting game for 1 to 8 players. Each player or team races to transfer a floating ball across air hoses on each side to reach a basket. First team in wins!
This item is great for schools, churches, parties and team building.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

17 14487 250.00   ended
T209-1.jpgDouble Lane Jacob Ladder (Wet/Dry) 
Condition: 7/10
Blowers: 1 1hp not included
Notes: Overall great condition unit. Ready to go. Notice great design of this Jacobs Ladder. Instead of a heavy full frame that the inflatable sits on top, the inflatable supports much lighter and more manageable steel “ladder” frame up front and a round steel support along the back of the inflatable. The ladders hook between each support. This design provides and much cleaner and easier set-up!
Marketing Description: The Jacobs Ladder is a challenging interactive that will test the skill of small children, teenagers, and adults alike and keep everyone coming back for more. Each player races to the top of their ladder while trying to keep it from spinning.
Too make the game even more interesting, add water to the shallow pool area as an added incentive to get to the top and back without falling off!
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

10 13176 875.00   ended
T210-1.jpgRapid Fire Xtreme 4-person Bungee Run Game
Condition: 8/10
Blowers: 1 1hp not included
Notes: Overall excellent condition complete with bungees and harnesses.
Marketing Description: Rapid Fire is a thrilling interactive game for 2 teams with 2 players each. Rapid Fire takes the traditional bungee run to the Xtreme and beyond! Teammates enter Rapid Fire on opposite corners and our harnessed to their opponents with bungee cords.
Game Objective: Pass as many balls as possible from your team's corners to your opponent's lane in 2 minutes.
Strategy: Players start with one ball in hand and come back to the starting wall each time to pull the next ball out of the bag. Players can either try to toss the balls through holes in the netting or run all the way up to the netting to pass the ball through a hole. Each running lane has a slight incline causing the players to run uphill as loose balls roll back to the starting wall.
The Kicker: Opponents on the same side of the game are attached to the same bungee cord making the game a constant tug-of-war against your opponent.
Located in Harlingen, Texas 78550

52 16592 2,322.00   ended

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