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SOLD! Mega Party Rental Auction with equipment from companies across the US(Shipping is available) - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern Time) on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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100 T100-1.jpgZipline
It was made in 2016 by General Inflatables (China)
It's green and camo colored.
It's a single lane
All equipment is included with the sale - inflator, cable, and shuttle handle all brand new.
The unit is 80ft long
22ft tall at it's tallest point
It's pretty heavy - not sure exactly but I would say 550lbs to 600lbs.
It works with:
The first part is half cold air two 1hp blowers (we use two 1.5s to stiffen it even more).Blowers not included
The other half is SEALED air to stiffen the unit even more.
*the tear is 5 to 7 feet long! 
I was told that the #66 vinyl glue or raft epoxy can repair the tear with a long patch. Someone just needs to be able to repair this kind of damage. We can sew anything. We are not good with sealed air type units.
The sealed air section had a blowout and has a 5-7 foot tear in it from overinflating. It was an accident when one of our employees left the inflator on it expecting the inflator to have an auto shut off function like a river rapids raft inflator pump does. It blew up like a balloon and split a section wide open! OOOPS!

The unit only had 2 rentals on it. We decided to buy a replacement cold air unit and sell the sealed air / cold air designed unit. We don't have the facilities to repair and glue the sealed air units like the river raft boats.

We are selling it damaged "as is". If someone knows how to repair this they will basically have a brand new unit with cables, seating, handles, and all! It will be a steal for them.
This unit is practically brand new with the exception of the tear as pictured
Blower not included
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Located in Lutz, Florida 33549


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