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Category: (20 records) SOLD! Mega Party Rental Auction. This auction has the assets from companies across the US(Shipping is available) - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern Time) on Thursday, October 12, 2017
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Mobile Hot Tub
Trailer - 2016 Kaufman Trailer Year 2016 Model P 20 Feet long GVWR 14000 ( Price 4,695 Manufacturer Kaufman Trailers Of NE Inc)
Custom build with extra 4 Jacks built in on each corner
Hot Tub - Telluride SPA ( Sterling) Special Set Up
110v Set up for Gas Heater
LED Mood Light
1 Set Air Controls
1 Set VGB Suctions
1 Top Load Filter
1 Hand Cover
1 Cabinet
1 Gas Heater ( Propane)
Purchased from Affordable Spas & Hot Tubs inc
Total cost to build this trailer was $37000
The Trailer has customer cedar walls and composite floor decking. Also has a built in outdoor keg fridge, marine grade sound system with waterproof speakers, LED Lights installed, safety signs displayed.
In the front of the trailer also built in 2 100 Gal Propane Tanks for heating. This hot tub will heat within 4 hrs.
Cabinets built in underneath the hot tub for storage, also has its own electrical switch board.
This is completely ready for rentals.
Located in Alton, IA 51003

This item has a reserve.
9 9494 1,500.00   ended
101 T101-1.jpg
Dunk Tank
Manufacturer: Twister Display
500 Gallon Easy Dunker w/ No Window
Trailer Mounted
The item will come with the dunk tank mounted to trailer, the backdrop you see in the picture, the arm, the target and (3) balls. The trailer is in good condition with general wear and tear from regular usage. The tires are in good condition. The trailer does show some signs of mild rusting and a new coat of paint will make it look like new. The tank itself has some normal wear and tear scuffs as does the frame for the backdrop. Ready to use, holds water perfectly!
Located in Halethorpe,MD 21227

28 14382 823.01   ended
196 T196-1.pngPurple Single Spin Art Machine
Spin Art Machine Tabletop
Manufacturer: Spin Art USA
Bracket hold 5x7 cards
Item is in working condition with some wear. There are a_ couple brackets that hold the screen on that are broken._ This does not affect its use. It is ready to earn someone some money. _
Located in Halethorpe, MD 21227

3 6644 60.00   ended
197 T197-1.pngLarge Purple Single Spin Art Machine
Spin Art Machine Tabletop
Manufacturer: Unknown
Spin Art machine is in working condition.
_ This machine definitely shows signs of wear and tear. This item works as it should and is ready to be rented. The bracket holds 5"x7" cards.
Located in Halethorpe, MD 21227

5 6644 45.00   ended
198 T198-1.pngPurple Double Spin Art Machine
Manufacturer: Unknown
This is a double spin art machine. It is in fully working condition and definitely shows signs of normal wear and tear. The brackets hold 5"x7" cards. This item is ready to rent.
Located in Halethorpe, MD 21227

7 6644 135.00   ended
T202-1.jpgEZ Roller Helper
Easy roller is in excellent condition (cant remember the manufacture but Nflatables sells a version now). 8 feet long, this roller makes rolling heavy jumps a one man job. Breaks down into 4 pieces as shown on the photos. Made of metal and in excellent condition.
Located in San Diego, CA 92111

29 14463 480.00   ended
207 T207-1.jpgB-Air Blower 1HP
Works great,
Located in San Diego, California 92111

7 15875 40.01   ended
T209-1.jpg5 Haunted House side wall panels.
I can't remember the manufacture, but these panels were bought at the Transworld Haunt show a couple years back in St. Louis.
They are professional grade panels that were never used.
Bid price x 5
Located in San Diego, CA 92111

1 12097 1.00
x 5 = 5.00
701 T701-1.png
50 1” x 12’ Ratchet Tie Downs -white
3000lbs capacity
Box weight 73lbs (22” x 10” x 10”)
​$10 boxing fee​
Bid price x 50
Bloomington, CA 92316

5 16065 4.85
x 50 = 242.50
702 T702-1.jpg
10 2” x 15’ Ratchet Tie Downs-white 
10,000 lbs capacity 
Box weight  41lbs  (22” x 10” x 10”)
$10 boxing fee
Bid price x 10
Bloomington, CA 92316

6 12682 6.24
x 10 = 62.40
702A T702A-1.jpg
50 2” x 15’ Ratchet Tie Downs-white 
10,000 lbs capacity 
Box weight  41lbs  (22” x 10” x 10”)
$40 boxing fee or palletizing fee
Bid price x 50
Bloomington, CA 92316

7 16074 6.97
x 50 = 348.50
T804-1.jpgAir dancer base unit.
All metal, does NOT include fabric top.
Good working condition
Located in Wilton, CT 06897

5 5896 28.00   ended
T805-1.jpgCambro hot food storage transporter. (Camcarrier)
first unit
Located in Wilton, CT 06897

14 6949 75.00   ended
T806-1.jpgCambro hot food storage transporter. (Camcarrier)
second unit
Located in Wilton, CT 06897

10 6949 60.00   ended
T807-1.jpgCambro hot food storage transporter. (Camcarrier)
third unit
Located in Wilton, CT 06897

11 5896 56.00   ended
T808-1.jpgCres Cor hot food storage transporter NSF
Located in Wilton, CT 06897

2 14652 1.02   ended
T809-1.jpg72" long children's tables 
(7 total) 20" high.
All good condition and unethaned.
Bid price x 7
Located in Wilton, CT 06897

1 14652 1.00
x 7 = 7.00
T811-1.jpgHelium tanks. (13 total tanks)
Mix of 41 and 55 cf units, varying ages.
Some steel, some aluminum
Local pickup only, cannot ship
Bid price x 13
Located in Wilton, CT 06897

x 13 = 0.00
T812-1.jpgPew Candelabras. (22 in total),
all have glass chimney.
Bid price x 22
Located in Wilton, CT 06897

x 22 = 0.00
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