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Category: FLAGS (1 records) SOLD! Party rental equipment, event decor, rides & much more. 500+ lots!!! Cleveland, Ohio & Covington, Kentucky(Shipping is available) - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(eastern Time) on Thursday, December 21, 2017
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flags  (70+ total)
Aruba 5x8 3x5
Argentina 4x6 2 3x5 5x8 4
Australia 3x5 2
Bermuda 2x3
Belize 4x6 2
Barbados 4x6 5x8
Bolivia 3x5 2x3
Bahamas 3x5 4x6
British west indies 3x5
British virgin island 3x5
Brazil 3x5 2 2x3
Canada 3x5 2
China 4x6 3x5
Cayman islands 2x3 2 4x6
Czech republic 5x8 4x6
Columbia 4x6 3x5
Dominican republic 3x5
Ecuador 3x5
El salvador 2x3
Egypt 4x6 3x5 2
England 4x6
Finland 4x6
france 5x8 3 3x5
Germany 3x5
Ghana 2x3
Greece 4x6 2
Greece 3x5
Guatemala 4x6
Grenada 4x6 2 3x5
Haiti 4x6
Honduras 4x6 3x5
Hong kong 3x5
Ireland 3x5 2
India 4x6
Iceland 4x6
Indonesia 5x8
Italy 3x5 4x6 2
Israile 3x5
jamaica 5x8 3x5
Liberia 4x6
Malta 4x6
netherlands 4x6 3 6x11 2x3
Nicaragua 2x3 3x5 4x6
New zealand 3x5
panama 4x6 2
Peru 3x5
Paraguay 4x6
Poland 5x8 4x6
Poland with eagle 6x10
Philippines 3x5
Portugal 2x3
Puerto rico 2x3
Russia 4x6
Sweden 3 x5
Spain 3x4 5x8
Suriname 4x6
Ussr fringed 4x6
Syria 5x8
Soviet union 3x5
Sweden 3x5
Taiwan 4x6
Trinidad Tobago 2x3
Us 8x10’ us 5x8 4x6
Usa 7 3x5 8 x12 5x8 3-4
Uruguay 3x5 2
Venezuela 4x6 3x5 2x3
Venezuela w seal 3x5
Yugoslavia 3x5
Virgin islands 2x3 3x5


Olympic 3x5 36 pcs

Marine 4x6 3x5
Army 3x5 2
Airforce 4x6
Navy 3x5 4x6
Alabama 5x8 4x6
Illinois 5x8 2
Idaho 5x8
Indiana 4x6 4 3x5 3
Kentucky 4x6 2
Louisville 3x5 3
Louisana 4x6 2
Micigan 4x6
Minnesota 4x6 2
Missouri 4x6
New york 4x6
Nevada 2x3
Ohio 5x11 3x5 4x6 5x8
S carolina 2x3
Utah 5x8
Wisconsin 5x8 4x6
(Lot of flags in wood case on casters)

Located in Cleveland, OH 44103

24 5141 350.00   ended

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