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SOLD! Dickey's Barbecue Pit has shut its doors and is making a complete liquidation. All equipment has been professionally removed and has been transported to storage unit for ease of the removal. - Online only auction starts closing at 11am on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Item Description
17562.2013 Ole Hickory Smoker
86" x 35" x 82"
cooking surface: 33 sq. ft.
includes all supplies (see photos)
model EL-ES
For more info on a similar model click here.

17563.Turbo Air Sandwich/Salad Prep Table w/ Refrigerated Base
48" x 34" x 39"
model MST-48-18
cutting board included (see photo)
For more info on a similar model click here.

17564.Vulcan Oven/Range w/ 6 burners
model 3GL

17565.Anets Deep Fryer
Only used for a few months.  Look at all the pictures to see how clean this unit is!
15.5" x 27.5" x 47.5"
includes 2 baskets
model SLG40
For more info on a similar model click here.

17566.Trash Bin Holder
23" x 23" x 56" 
swing open door
trash can included

17567.Trash Bin Holder
​23" x 23" x 56"
swing open door
trash can included

17568.Wire Shelving Unit
35" x 18" x 82"

17569.Wire Rack on wheels
26" x 13" x 49"

17570.Wire Rack on wheels
23" x 13" x 32" 

17571.Wire Shelving Unit
47" x 18" x 72" 

17572.Sign Holder/Display
20.5" x 15" x 59" 

17573.Sign Holder on wheels
26" x 14" x 60"

17574.2 drawer bun warmer

17575.Dickey's food cans
11 #10 cans including Beans, Green Beans etc.
Barbecue sauce, sugar packets
Please view all pictures

1 bid price for the lot

17577.Large lot of signs
Please view all pictures

17578.Dining tables with metal cross bases
24" x 24" x 29.5"
1 or two have different tops then the rest
Bid price x 15

17579.Dining chairs
16" x 16" x 35"
Slat back
Upholstered seats
Bid price x 30

17580.Dining chair
15.5" x 15.5" x 31"

17581.High chairs (3 total)
21" x 23" x 30"
bid price x 3

17582.Stainless steel table with under shelf
60" x 30" x 39"
Cutting board
Cut out in cutting board/table for trash can to go underneath(trash can is not included)
Back splash

17583.39" LCD Flat panel TV
Insignia model NS-39L240A13

17583A.39" LCD Flat panel TV
Insignia model NS-39L240A13

17584.Lockwood Proofing cabinet
20" x 30" x 66"
On wheels
Proofer is removable

17585.Steam table
49" x 39" x 36"
3 wells
Cutting board(holder of cutting board folds down)
On wheels

17587.Wire type shelves (8 total) 
Includes wall mounts
sizes vary: 42" x 18" (4 total)
48" x 18" (2 total)
14" x 24" (2 total)

17588.OPEN sign
21" x 11"

17589.Panini grill
17" x 14" x 8"
Avantco model 177P70S
​120 Volts

17592.Wood high chair

17593.Wood high chair

17594.Plastic high chair

17595.Speed rack
22.5" x 26" x 64"
On wheels

17596.Metal push cart
27" x 15" x 27"
3 shelves

17597.Proofing cabinet
20" x 29" x 66"
Proofer is removable

17598.6 locker unit
12" x 12" x 77"

17599.Stainless steel prep table
40" x 23" x 39"
On wheels
Under shelf

17600.Stainless steel prep table
60" x 30" x 39"
Edlund Can opener built in
Back splash
​Under shelf

17601.Wire type shelving unit
35" x 18" x 73"

17602.Wire type shelving unit
35" x 18" x 83"

17603.4 booster seats
Bid price x 4

17604.Lot of cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner
inlcudes: windex,detergent,trash bins,2 rinse buckets,broom and more

17605.Deep Fryer Baskets (2 total)
bid price x 2 

17606.Food warmer
22" x 15" x 9"
Includes insert to hold 3 sauces
Insert can be removed and would hold a full sized hotel pan
Adcraft FW-1200WF
120 volts

17607.Tork paper towel dispenser ( 3 total)
17" x 7" x 14" 
bid price x 4

17608.Cutting boards (3 total)
24" x 18"
Bid price x 3

17609.Flatware holder
15" x 11" x 8"
6 compartment

17610.Deep Fryer Basket

17611.Bun grill toaster
APW Wyott model M-83
120 Volts
For more details of a similar model, Click Here

17612.Paper lot
Includes beverage holders, disposable flatware,bags,lids,ramekins & more

17613.Serving trays (90 total) 
13" x 9.5" x 1"
Bid price x 90

17614.Metal trays (17 total)
17" x 12" x 1"
Bid price x  17

17615.Lot of assorted utensils
Bin is included
wire basket included ​12" x 18" x 4" 

17616.Condiment holders (6 total)
11" x 5" x 4"
Bid price x 6

17617.Lot of assorted pans
1 bid price for the lot
13 hotel pans/ 2 cutting boards

17618.Cutting board stand 
27" x 12" x 12" 

17619.Lot of miscellaneous 
Several Baine Maries & more

17620.Lot of assorted pans 1/3 & 1/2 sizes
Bin is included

17621.Under counter reach in freezer
20" x 21'' x 31" 
Beverage Air model UCF20
​For more info on a similar model click here.

17622.Drop Safe
Cash drop
14" x 14" x 21"
Combination is included

17624.Sheet pans(34 total)
26" x 18" x 1"
Bid price x 34

17625.Knife holder with 7 knives
12" x 12" x 2.5"

17626.Tork toilet paper dispensers (2 total)
Bid price x 2

17627.Lot of miscellaneous items as pictured

17628.Onion King slicer
19" x 13" x 19" 
​Lincoln model 500N
For more info on a similar model click here.

17629.Lot of assorted items
Food handling gloves, coffee filter cones & more

17630.4 product Zap Timer
Model Z040120HFC

17631.Dutch oven (2 total)
15" x 10" 
2 handles
bid price x 2

17632.Bin with assorted items as pictured

17634.Pelouze Scale with assorted items in bin
model Y50
50lb x 2 oz. capacity

17635.Assortment of Containers (7 total)
bid price x 7

17636.Heat Lamp

17637.Koala Care Diaper Changing Stations (2 total)
Includes key
bid price x 2

17638.Wall Scone Adhesive Bug Trap 
model WS-85
​For more info on a similar model click here.

17639.Overhead Sprayer for Faucet

17640.Cosco Step Stool

17641.Mats (4 total)
59" x 36" 
bid price x 4

17642.Large trash can on wheels with lid
Wet floor sign
paper towel rolls
Floor mats/carpet rubber

17643.1/2 sized kitchen swing out door
​Stainless steel
​35 1/4x36"

17644.Stainless Steel Shelf
85" x 11" 

17645.Tack Boards (2 total)
24" x 30" 

17646.Assortment of Plastic Displays/Holders (5 total)

19612.Radiant POS System
2 touch screens
2 cash drawers
3 printers(including 2 thermal)
battery back ups
2 speakers
back offic server with keyboard & monitor

19613.Hikvision Digital Video Recorder

19614.Muzak Digital Music Amplifier

19615.Brand new beverage dispenser
2 Bowls
Crathco model CS-2E/1D-16
​Brand new in boxes(3 boxes)
For more details of a similar model, Click Here

19616.Brand new iced tea dispenser
​Bunn model TDO-N-3.5
For more details of a similar model, Click Here


19617.Box of rags
Box measures 16x16x10H

19618.Wall tiles and floor tiles
4+ boxes of beige wall tiles  12x12
3+ boxes of floor tiles  Imperial texture 12x12
​There is 140+ sq ft of tiles in this lot
Bid price x 140(You are bidding per sq. ft.)

19619.Sign holder

Metal with wood shelves
2 units
Bid price x 2

19621.Iced tea dispenser
Bunn-O-Matic model TDO-N-3.5
3.5 Gallon
For specs of a similar model, Click Here

19622.Food warmer
Includes insert to hold 3 sauces
APW Model W-3V

19623.4 Chafing dish stands with lids
Bid price x 4

19624.2 insulated transport bags
Bid price x 2

19625.Brand new full sized hotel pan

19626.2 fans
Bid price x 2

19627.6' pre-lit Christmas tree & large bin(40Gallon) with Christmas decorations

19628.All items on shelf
Box of moist towelettes, hand soap, 12 sterno cans, plastic trays

19629.9 Baine Maries
7.5" Diameter, ​8"H, 
​3 are brand new, 6 used
Bid price x 9

19630.3 napkin dispensers
Bid price x 3

19631.4 event digital timer

19632.Digital portion control scale

19633.NetGear Prosafe Gigabit switch GS105
power strip, cables 
All items in box are included

19634.Brand new cash drawer
Electronic cash drawer

19635.Assorted items
All items on shelf
2 clocks, Order here sign, silicone, stainless steel cleaner, razor blades, & more

19636.Dickey's Rib Rub seasoning
Box is at least 3/4 full

19637.3 LED signs
Were used outdoors
1 bid price for the lot of 3

19638.Dunnage rack

19639.Dunnage rack

19640.Sterno cans
Almost a full box

19641.Pair of meat gloves

19643.Glass & multipurpose cleaner
3 new gallon containers
Bid price x 3

19644.Fire extinguisher

19645.Large bag full of thermometers and other misc. utensils

19647.Motion detector

19648.Taylor soft serve/yogurt machine
Model 142-12
115 Volts
Counter top unit
includes operation manual

19649.6' fiberglass Ladder
Werner model FS206

19651.New Dickey's T-Shirts
Approx 12
Brand new
1 bid price for the lot
Pics will post soon

19652.2000+ tasting spoons
1 bid price for the lot
Pics will post soon