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Capital Online Auctions. LLC
Family Entertainment Center is shutting its doors and making a complete liquidation. Northern Maryland(Local pickup only, no items will be shipped) Posts soon! - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern time) on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Item Description
1.Double Slide Combo
13' x 13' double slide
Inflatable Depot
Center ladder leads to two wide slides on either side.
exit on the sides.
takes two blowers
corners are leaking air
slide covers need to be mended or replaced.
6/10 rating.

2.crab cake
inflatable store
no repairs needed.
perfect for the toddlers.
Have been really strict on only small children playing on it.
9/10 rating

inflatable depot
volleyball net included.
my most popular inflatable.
needs a new floor covering.  This one will work but has rips in center and is dirty.
inflatable:  8/10
floor covering 3/10

4.Tunnel Slide Combo III
inflatable depot.
no holes or rips or repairs.

5.Bouncer maze
inflatable depot
model number 211
new item.
9/10 rating

6.18 ft Obstacle Slide
we have two of the same item but mirror image.
the one in the picture has the entrance on the left and you slide down on the right.
the other one has the entrance on right and you slide down the left.
Used as part of a relay race.  think 9 year old boys.  the entrances are next to each other.
they go in, around obstacle, thru tunnel, more obstacles, up ladder, down slide and tag the next boy
and the relay race goes on.
7/10 rating
Patched by tunnel entrance.

7.Pirate Ship
Denial's Wood Products
28K when purchased.
32K if ordered now.
center piece of family entertainment center.
fun pirate ship skeleton theme
two slides.
made for indoor or outdoor use.
if outdoor would need to be weather-coated.
Allow time to disassemble/reassemble.
The Tree is a real tree and the bark is coming off.
Manufacturer suggests taking bark off and varnishing/polishing trunk.
9/10 rating
Some steps creak but that will be resolved when reassembled.

8.Princess Doll House
Hidden room behind fireplace.
Door is often loose, otherwise just wear.
7/10 rating