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SOLD! 3 Eno Matic Wine Sampling Systems are being liquidated. Herndon, Virginia(Shipping is available) - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

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102 T102-1.jpgEnoMatic Wine Tasting System
Includes base and 16 bottle wine dispenser 
This system was originally purchased for $21,000+
This unit will preserve opened bottles of wine for up to 30 days and eliminate waste.
Additional Parts needed:
Small air compressor 
Nitrogen tank and pressure gauge 
Eno cards software 
Plastic Tubing for wine bottle Insert to draw wine out of bottle. 

There is a company that services this system that can be a great resource to get the machines up and running
The images are posted are of the same model(purchased at the same time).  This unit is in a crate and is in similar condition to the other units.  The 2 images with the wine bottles, and the video are the same model, but that machine is still up and running at another location.  The restaurant where these machines were used has closed.

For more details of a similar item(the link is for the latest model, not the same model that is being auctioned), Click Here


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