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Category: TOOLS AND SUPPLIES (43 records) SOLD! We are doing a total liquidation of the estate of a very creative young woman who was an accomplished photographer, flower grower and designer, and decorative baker. We have professional level photography equipment, including a forty-four inch wide printer, tons of flower and baking display wares and furnishings, as well as some excellent furniture, shop tools, appliances, two motorcycles, and more. Her cheery, friendly style is sure to bring a smile to your heart. Boyds, Maryland(Local pickup only. No items will be shipped). Open for bidding NOW! Many additional items were just added to the end of the auction. There are now 500+ lots! - Online only auction starts closing at 11am on Friday, February 22, 2019.
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T6330-1.jpgItalian ceramic tile, 12"x12", medium slate grey
NOTE, pictures have been updated showing the color more correctly.
28 boxes of 20
560 square feet total
Bid price x 28

26 3438 14.00
x 28 = 392.00
T6332-1.jpgSet of two sawhorses and a folding sawbuck, extremely heavy duty construction. Much loved, but just too useful and too much life left in them to throw them away.

9 18069 23.76   ended
T7835-1.jpgVintage Electrolux tank-style vacuum cleaner with attachments and 15 extra bags. Reconditioned in the 90's by the original manufacturer, this got me through law school and is still going strong.

6 18143 4.21   ended
T7898-1.jpgPorter Cable 7 1/4" Circular Saw, includes 7 blades, rip fence, blade removing wrenches, and 12" speed square

11 17980 34.00   ended
T7899-1.jpgPorter Cable 4" x 24" belt sander with extra belts

22 18069 88.12   ended
T7900-1.jpgBosch 3" power planer, includes adjustable fence

19 18069 77.00   ended
T7901-1.jpgHitachi 10" sliding miter saw, extremely precise, slides 9 1/2" for long cuts, adjusts past 55 degrees for large angles, has carrying handle and is currently mounted to masonite base for clamping to work table

20 18085 170.00   ended
T7902-1.jpgJet 1 HP dust collector, makes 650 CFM with a 2.1 cubic foot collector bag, on casters

19 18069 301.00   ended
T7903-1.jpgRyobi 10" surface planer, adjusts up to 5" (13cm) thickness, includes extra outfeed roller for extended reach

22 18085 180.00   ended
T7904-1.jpgSears 1 1/2 HP router, with router table with adjustable guide, over two dozen router bits (19 carbide), carrying case, and extra base for veining work

19 13983 94.00   ended
T7905-1.jpgLawn Tractor, Sears YS4500, has a huge 54" cut width and a huge 26 HP v-twin Kohler pro engine, includes extra blades, trailer (not shown), and bagging attachment (also not shown). Very well used and maintained. Could use some non-critical repairs, but runs and cuts great!

16 18253 425.00   ended
T7908-1.jpgNot much to say… this is a Radio Flyer "little red wagon" just like the ones you see in the plant stores. Just as useful around the home to haul all sorts of stuff, including dogs! (Dog not included).

14 18255 28.01   ended
T7909-1.jpgAriens "Deluxe" snowblower with electric start, 28" wide x 21" high mouth, five speeds forward and two reverse, with headlamp for night use.

26 18006 410.09   ended
T7910-1.jpgPorter Cable 25-gallon electric compressor, 6HP makes up to 135psi, stand-up design reduces footprint and large tires make for easy transport. Includes 125' of hose and numerous attachments (not shown)

20 18069 270.00   ended
T7911-1.jpgCraftsman creeper, six sturdy wheels to hold a "larger" mechanic

16 18037 63.00   ended
T7912-1.jpgEcho gas string trimmer, SRM-230, includes optional two-handed handle and extra string, a real brute for large/difficult areas

11 18253 48.01   ended
T7913-1.jpgMantis tiller, aka "Little Wonder", 2-stroke, gas-powered, GREAT for small areas, very light, but very effective

16 18160 78.76   ended
T7914-1.jpgLittle Giant Ladder system, 6.5' when folded, extends to a 12' step ladder or a 24' straight ladder. Can be used as two step ladders for working off a plank. Includes a movable platform, leveling leg, a home-made tool platform, and a 4' wide stand-off rack (not shown).

17 17527 195.00   ended
T7916-1.jpg2.5 ton Arcan hybrid automotive jack, low-profile (just six inches) fits under low cars, but lifts up to 19"

15 18069 62.00   ended
T7917-1.jpgFiskars combination pruning saw/shears, extends from 6.5' to over 15', compound pulleyaction makes shears easy to use, while hook on blade tip prevents accidentally falling out of the cut, oval aluminum shaft makes it light but strong.

16 13983 56.00   ended
T7918-1.jpgGenerac 4000EXL generator, includes both 120 and 240 volt outputs, battery-powered electric start, we used it to power a refrigerator, a chest freezer, and a few lights during power outages and when we got bored, the TV too!

24 18215 280.00   ended
T7919-1.jpgEcho trimmer, blower, edger system, PAS-225, gas-powered, easily switch between three tools, all included.

20 18069 115.00   ended
T7948-1.jpgPorter Cable palm sander, dust collecting, uses quarter sheets of regular sandpaper

12 18069 36.00   ended
T7949-1.jpgPorter Cable 4" pneumatic angle grinder with original box

13 18069 41.01   ended
T7950-1.jpgSenco pneumatic palm nailer, great for tight places, with original box

6 8795 23.67   ended
T7951-1.jpgPorter Cable pneumatic tin snips aka air shear

13 18069 51.00   ended
T7952-1.jpgDelto 6" bench grinder with an assortment of abrasive and polishing wheels and compounds

10 18069 53.00   ended
T7953-1.jpgDelta tabletop drill press, fits on a table, but stands 34" tall, very heavy duty, dusty and with some cosmetic rust, but runs perfectly, five speeds, includes set of sanding drums

19 18037 150.00   ended
T7954-1.jpgRigid band saw, 13! Throat with 6.5" height of cut, very easy to set up, includes 5 assorted blades and adapter to run abrasive bands, mounted on rolling base, easily hooks up to vacuum system.

22 18037 250.00   ended
T7956-1.jpgCraftsman pad sander, dual action, uses 1/2 sheets of regular sandpaper

9 18199 5.50   ended
T7960-1.jpgDelta 10" Contractors table saw, on Woodsmith design rolling base , with folding out-feed table, sawdust compartment, and rooom for all your accessories, includes Freud rip and crosscut blades, a Delta wobble dado, an Oldham dado stack, and a 10" metal sanding plate with sanding disks. Very well used, but still runs great and has a new miter guage.

22 18069 201.00   ended
T7961-1.jpgMilwaukee inspection probe, lighted, zoom, uses standard Milwaukee batteries, in case

16 8525 70.00   ended
T7962-1.jpgCST Berger five-point self-leveling alignment laser, aligning walls and making them plumb at the same time, new in box

12 8149 62.00   ended
T7963-1.jpgPorter cable pneumatic framing gun, uses up to 3" slanted pack nails, includes about a half a box of nail packs

13 17527 41.00   ended
T7964-1.jpgSenco sheetrock screw gun, corded, Duraspin, model DS-200 AC, with about a half bucket of #6 x 1 1/4" sheetrock screws

16 8795 62.00   ended
T7965-1.jpgToolkraft 10" cast-iron lathe, 36" long bed with four Craftsman lathe chisels, with motor and pulleys for mounting (theoretically that is, I have never put it together).

10 18186 101.00   ended
T7966-1.jpgMakita hammer drill, corded, 5 amps, capable of drilling through 1/2" steel, in case

16 8795 55.00   ended
T7968-1.jpgPair of AMT spokeshaves, one flat, one convex, in wooden box

11 18105 27.00   ended
T7969-1.jpgRecord No. 7 jointer plane, 22" long x 2 3/8" wide, made in England

15 18069 72.00   ended
T7970-1.jpgThree planes, Record block plane, Stanley rabbet plane, and Buck 3" plane, all for small jobs!

14 18069 42.00   ended
T7971-1.jpgTwo cases (six in each box) recessed light fixtures, Lithonia

7 12305 22.00   ended
T7972-1.jpgCollection of 15 woodworker's clamps, includes four Pony 5' bar clamps, three Pony 3' bar clamps, two Craftsman beam clamps, two Vise-grip quick grips clamps, two equipressure clamps systems, and one antique bar clamp (rusted)

21 18105 101.00   ended
T7973-1.jpgSet of 8 C-clamps from 6" to 1", and three web clamps

8 1882 30.00   ended

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