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Category: INFLATABLE (14 records) SOLD! Party/Event company has merged and liquidating all excess equipment. This auction is loaded with many unique items including a Stunt Jump, laser tag, inflatables, carnival games, casino equipment, trucks, DJ equipment & much more. Shippensburg, PA(Shipping is available). - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern Time) on Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Dora the Explorer Moon Bounce Inflatable. Comes with bag. No blower. In very good condition. There is a small part of net that has been unprofessionally fixed. Probably the size of a golf ball. Otherwise this is in excellent condition.

Blower not included

27 18604 726.00   ended
T57-1.jpgSumo Wrestling Package:
Includes sumo suits, headgear, sumo mats, and sumo inflatable safety ring.
Everything you need to book Sumo for $1200 per event. (Best to have 2 spotters for safety).
Blower for the inflatable is not included.
This package is in very good condition.  These are the best suits in the world made by HEC. Donovan Yaukey will also provide you with verbal instructions on how to operate Sumo and reduce risks.
Headgear is safe, but less than new. The bun on the back part of the sumo hair headgear is likely not there.  No repairs have been needed.

22 15241 675.00   ended
T58-1.jpgKick X Football Experience
This unit was used few times. The unit is in good condition. It requires 3 blowers which are not included in this sale. This was a fun attraction unit and there are very few in the USA. Buy this to have the competitive advantage on large contracts.

11 5429 700.00   ended
T59-1.jpgSports Arena for dodgeball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and bouncing.
Purchased in 2007 and kept in good shape.
2007 photos are to illustrate the fun. Please view recent photos also.
Damages: none
Repairs: Possibly
Issues: might be wet and moldy

8 18604 730.00   ended
T60-1.jpgUltra Ball volleyball and giant bounce house
Cutting Edge Creations
This unit is almost new.
9.8 out of 10
This unit was $11,00 new
Excellent for 18 people at a time to play volleyball or bounce. 
Two separate units that can be rented to two different clients on the same day as large bounce houses.
Damages: none
Repairs: "O" rings on the bottom where you connect the two units.
Issues: One little hole in netting, otherwise this unit ready to make you at least $1100 for each booking.

9 10367 911.00   ended
T61-1.jpgMega Track manufactured by HEC
Like new. Less than 5 uses on this unit.
Great to use with the Giant Trikes which is on this auction.
Blower is not included.

11 10367 401.00   ended
T62-1.jpg3D Twister inflatable
Manufacturer Games to Go
No damages, no repairs, no issues
Comes with Awesome Custom Giant Twister Board
This is a popular choice for college events.

8 10777 425.00   ended
T63-1.jpgFowl Play Angry Birds Inflatable Game
Like new, no repairs, no issues
Balls and slingshot are not included
made in China
Blower is not included

7 5429 260.00   ended
T64-1.jpgDisco Dome Inflatable Dance Arena
This is an enclosed dome that the seller designed for 150 people to dance inside. There are areas in the dome where you can mount LED lighting and an area where you can place a full-range speaker. It also works best if you use a hazer or fog machine (lightly) to enhance the dance dome experience.
Only been used 5 times.
10 out of 10, slightly used condition
There is a floor that comes out for use indoors (although you can leave it in all the time...indoors or outdoors).
The disco would make an awesome escape room, indoor karaoke dome where there is other entertainment at the same event.
The lighting and music is then only inside the dome.
No issues or repairs
Blower not included
It does come with at least two extension cords
Manufacturer: Chanal

15 10208 1,060.00   ended
T65-1.jpgDrive In Movie Screen.
This is a front screen unit. The 10x20 white screen could be replaced although I've done movies at dark the way it is. The frame is in very good condition. Does not come with blower or bungee balls to attach screen to frame.

5 7908 425.00   ended

Human Foosball Arena:
This was purchased from Party Outfitters years ago. This has been a great unit for foosball at $1100 for 4 hours and also as an extra large foam pit. The unit is in good and money making condition. No Blower included. Can operate with one or two blowers. Comes with Human Foosball ropes and belts. (might not be the exact count needed for foosball)

17 18851 760.00   ended
T68-1.jpgLaser Tag Arena: This is the largest tag arena by Inflatable 2000. The unit was purchased 3 years ago and used only 20 times. The unit has made over $38,000 for us in that time. The unit is in excellent condition. Needs one or two large skydancer type blowers which are not included in this auction. Includes only the inflatable unit.

There are places inside to hang your own blacklights, disco lights, etc. Best inside when used with haze or light fog.

35x35 Unit from Inflatable 2000
Can be used as a Haunted House Maze and Hide and Seek.

30 16016 4,350.00   ended

Foam Dance Party System:

This is an approximate 20 x 20 inflatable foam dance party pit. The condition is good. Some stitching in corners might be good to address, but guests don't get on this unit. It's a wall to keep the foam in. There is an inflatable blue floor that can be velcroed in also. No blower included.

10 10208 536.00   ended
T72-1.jpgZero Stock Stunt Jump
This unit was purchased new.
Manufacturers are Inflatable 2000 and Spectrum Sports
This has been the centerpiece of the seller's business and was extremely popular.
Cossio Insurance will insure this attraction with underwriter Admiral.
Both stunt bags are in usable condition.
The landing area of the bags are worn but 100% safe.
The trailer has some cosmetic issues, but in no way affects the safety of this amusement ride.
The staircase goes up and down and secures as per the manufacturer specifications.
This unit rented for $2000 for a 4 hour event.
Does not come with fencing
Zero shock blowers are included!

This item has a reserve.
33 17915 10,000.00   ended

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