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SOLD! ARA Mega Event/Party Rental Auction. This auction has the assets from sellers all across the US(Shipping is available, unless otherwise noted). - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern time) on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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1 T1-1.jpg Mechanical Bull made by Galaxy.
This is one of the best Galaxy Bulls you will ever find. The control box is a much better one than most. Unlike newer models this control box does not have computer chips in it that require you to send to the mfg in the event something goes wrong. And mechanical issues can be repaired by someone wish some basic abilities.
The Bull has a Red White and Blue inflatable around it. It does show some wear and some seams will require attention in the next year or so. Our riders were not allowed to ride in shoes so it has been well taken care of. Again the control box is the preferred control. You won’t need anything from the company to keep it running. Break downs do happen, but it doesn’t take much to be back up and running

The control box features buck and spin buttons, a joy stick for manual operation. Under manual at the present time the spin does not work, It is a simple fix, but I never worried about it because can provide better rides in the automatic mode.

The Fiberglass Bull is in good shape, but the hide shows wear. It has carpet padding below the hide to make for a more comfortable ride.

The motion base is in good shape.

The Bull as last used in December and ran and operated fine at a corporate event.

I am selling the Bull, Control, Motion Base, cords, everything you need to operate at an event. I once traveled the USA with the PBR and this Bull operated at their events. I have thrown the #1 Bull Rider in the world off in 7 seconds, but can still give a fun easy ride to kids as young as 3 and as young at heart as 85. All of which we have safely done.
Located in Lexington, Kentucky 40502


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