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SOLD! IAAPA mega party rental auction. This auction has the assets from rental companies across the US(& Canada). Inflatables, rides, concession equipment, tables, chairs & much more. - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern Time) on Friday, November 29, 2019. This is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

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2015  4 Seat Motion Base Simulator
Pitches and Rolls (side to side, forward to back) 23 degrees
Manufacturer: Inmotion Simulation (same manufacturer that built all similar units in Dave N Busters)
Includes: Motion Base, Large screen (can be projected on wall)
5500-Lumen XGA 3LCD Projector - bright enough to work even in lit conditions
Simulator can be enclosed or out in the open (parents LOVE to share pics on social media of their child on it)
Suitable for children 3 and up, adults also love it and ride with their child
Many Roller Coaster tracks to choose from for all age levels
The speed is controlled easily via the keyboard
Roller Coaster tracks are under 2 minutes which is perfect for throughput; each party child can ride multiple times
It was the absolute hit at the facility
Tracks can be selected to be in outer space and other very cool backgrounds
More tracks (free) are available (but you won't need them)
This simulator really moves (if you want it to, can also go very slow)
The roller coaster sounds are amazing and sound real!
Located in Springfield, NJ 07081

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