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Bidding extended on Open items for 3 minutes since last bid.
Category: (12 records) SOLD! IAAPA mega party rental auction. This auction has the assets from rental companies across the US(& Canada). Inflatables, rides, concession equipment, tables, chairs & much more. - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern Time) on Friday, November 29, 2019. This is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.
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T308-1.jpg4 station spin art machine 
works great rated 7/10
Located in a Red Lion, PA 17356

4 10367 16.00  
T309-1.jpgLarge pucker powder plus supplies
big lot rated 9/10
great condition barely used 
Located in a Red Lion, PA 17356

9 8936 495.00  
T310-1.jpgTable top pucker powder with road case
Rated 5/10
Located in a Red Lion, PA 17356

2 10367 2.00  
T321-1.jpgX cargo
Located in a Red Lion, PA 17356

322 T322-1.jpgStorage bin
​​​​Located in a Red Lion, PA 17356

334 T334-1.jpgFile divider
Located in a Red Lion, PA 17356

T501-1.jpg(New) Snow Globe Photo Op Christmas Ornament.
Approx 10’W Diamanté’s by 16’ Tall.
No blowers included.
Brand new.
Floor blows up and is sealed. The top uses a constant blower.
This is a cool change to the standard snow globes.
No backdrop is needed for this unit.
Ushaped Zipper makes it easy to get in and out. 
​​​​​​Located in Lakewood, NJ  08701

8 16236 775.00  
T505-1.jpg4 pieces of back wall for 8’2”w x 7”h Canopy or tent or use as a table cover.
PVC Vinyl. Has 1” velcro strip along the top to attach it to the top of a tent or canopy.
The bottom had been added to as seen to make them 7’ Long. New overstock.
There is also velcro ties on the side that would wrap around a pop up leg.
Fits the Action Rides 8’ Carnival booths. 
bid price x 4
Located in Lakewood, NJ 08701

6 2506 21.00
x 4
T507-1.jpgDeluxe Heavy Duty Carnival Booth/ Concession Stand
Industry size: 10x10 but actual size is Height 10’9” to the center top, Width is 9’6”.
This is a sample carnival booth that was manufactured as a sample to examine and check. It is made with heavy duty aluminum (not metal) and good pvc vinyl.
Red White Striped. Only opened to check the quality before a mass production.
The back wall is a little longer than the frame so it sits on the ground.
Directions. 1. Open the pop up partially and put the top on. 2. Open the Pop up the rest of the way then raise the legs to desired height or height where you see the holes for the rails. 3. Put on the rails. 4. Put nails into ground to hold in place.
This is a sample unit and may or may not match other units.
Located in Lakewood, NJ 08701

10 8936 260.00  
704 T704-1.jpgUsed bounce house bags (2 total)
condition is used
Located in Lewisberry, PA 17339

T709-1.jpgMadrocks crash pads (4 total)
Theses are great for at the base of a climbing wall.
Cost 175 each.
These are three years old. Three of them are good but one needs the middle seam sowed back together. 
Located in Lewisberry, PA 17339

9 2506 36.00  
713 T713-1.jpg1 Dolly wheel and rim
Located in Lewisberry, PA 17339



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