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SOLD! Cafe near Dupont Circle has shut its doors, new tenant is liquidating all unnecessary equipment. NW Washington DC(Local pickup only. No items will be shipped). - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm on Friday, November 1, 2019

Item Description
7711.Red and black dining chairs (19 total)
cushioned seat
bid price x 19

7712.24" Square dining tables (15 total)
30" height
bid price x 15

7713.27" Sony tube TV

7714.Two sided chalkboard signs (2 total)
bid price x 2

7715.Two sided signs
1 is chalkboard 


Seville Classics 40 in. Oscillating Tower Fan (2 total)
bid price x 2

7717.Casablanca framed movie poster
27" x 40"

7718.HP Deskjet 3512 All in One Printer

7719.Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer
model MT-1000
Centrifugal Juicer
Stainless Steel
Large Feeding Tube, Dishwasher-Safe Parts, Whole Fruit, Pulse Control, Dishwasher Safe, Pulp Ejection

7720.9 napkin holders and 12 salt & pepper shakers

7721.Ansul sentry fire extinguisher

7722."OPEN" illuminated sign

7723."Open" illuminated sign and "ATM" sign
bid price x 2

7724.Trash receptacle
19" x 20" x 42"
trash bin is included

7725.Hobart parts
mixing bowl and parts to meat grinder? 

7726.Security cameras (11+)
buyer to uninstall

7727.Autodoner vertical broiler
17" x 17" x 32.5"
model 3PE
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7728.APG cash drawer
key is included
model MID12D30-7B

7729.APG cash drawer
key is not included

7730.Holmes tower fan
model HT26TG

7731.Trash bin w/ lid

7732.Containers and baskets
includes 5 stainless steel silverware holders

7733.Merco countertop food warmer/display case
model 1220-3-4P

16" x 16"

7735.True single glass door reach in refrigerator
26" x 29" x 78"
model GDM-23HL

7736.2 ft dunage rack

7737.Manitowic ice maker with Cornelius ice storage bin
30" x 32" x 38" (bin)
model B-430-AP (bin)
Works great!
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7738.True single door merchandiser
27" x 29" x 78"
model GDM-23
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7739.4 black crates and 3 red crates

7740.Display case w/ countertop
73" x 33" x 43" (approx)

7741.Hobart 2 door reach in refrigerator
56" x 34" x 78"
model DA2
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7742.Toastmaster countertop convection oven broiler
equipped with continuous cleaning and convection selector and temperature control

7743.Hobart microwave oven
model HM1000
115 volt
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7744.Emerson microwave
19" x 16" x 11"
model MW8999SB
900 watt
Eight One-Touch Settings (Popcorn, Beverage, Potato, Pizza, Frozen Vegetable, Soup, Fresh Vegetable, Dinner Plate)

7745.Oster microwave oven
1000 watts
9 one touch settings

7746.Hobart single door freezer
27" x 35" x 83"
model DAF1

7747.Jackson dishwasher


7749.Mr.Coffee coffee brewer

7750.Lasko mounted fan
buyer uninstall

7751.Wire shelving unit
35" x 18" x 72"
contents included (china,glassware etc over 70 pieces total)

7752.2 wall mounted hanging racks w/ kitchen accessories
contents included
buyer uninstall

7753.Amana microwave
model RCS810BL

7754.Trash bin

7755.Baker's Pride pizza oven
48" x 35" x 54"

seat height 33"

7757.Foldable table
19" x 15" x 26"

7758.Chair w/ cushioned tied to back

7759.Fire extinguishers (3 total)
bid price x 3

7760.Sanyo Electric
model SRR-T1H

7761.Hobart Electric Countertop Rotisserie Oven
32" x 24" x 29"
model HRO101
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7762.Sanyo microwave oven

7763.Oster microwave oven
1000 watts

7764.Faema compact espresso machine
model C84/1
120 volts/60hz

7765.Bloomfield Integrity coffee brewer and warmer
includes pot and basket
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7766.Panasonic color TV

7767.Go Video VHS and DVD player

7768.Omega Sat Receiver
model DBS5700

7769.Stainless steel table w/ backsplash
30" x 33" x 39"
contents sold separately

7770.Glenco Star 27" sandwich/salad prep table
model RST-27-2EN
contents included
cutting board included

7771.Glenco Star 27" sandwich/salad prep table
model RST-27-2EN
contents included
cutting board included

7772.Black & Decker mini fridge
17" height

7773.Ceiling mounted menu
144" length
buyer to uninstall

7775.Star max countertop grill
24" x 27" x 10"

7776.Kronos Autodoner Vertical broiler

7777.Globe countertop deep fryer
11" x 21" x 14"

7778.Adcraft countertop griddle
16" x 23" x 11"

7779.Toastmaster proseries griddle
24" x 27" x 15"

7781.Intedge panini grill

7782.Holmes tabletop fan

7783.Kitchen accessories
includes 4 knives, 3 wooden caddies,spatula and more

7784.Wooden stool
top is broken (see photo)

7785.Freezer chest
21" x 22" x 23"

7786.Stainless steel table
36" x 23" x 34"
w/ underneath shelf

7787.Spice grinder

7788.Wall mounted rack
contents included (graters,scoop,cutting boards,etc)
buyer uninstall

7789.2 burner hot plate cooktop (2 total)
19" x 9" x 3" and 12" x 24" x 9"
bid price x 2

7791.Janitorial lot
includes 2 trash bins,mop buckets,bucket,broom,dust pan
1 trash bin is cracked at the top (see photo)

7792.Philips Flourescent Lights (12 total)

7793.All purpose wine stem glasses
18 pieces

7794.Edlund deluxe 32oz food scale
fast reading

7795.Beverage Air E Series Single Door Freezer
approx 26" x 32" x 78"

7796.Assorted kitchenware and cookware
glass mixing bowls,pitchers,pot holders,pyrex measuring cups,scissors,small pots,frying pan,jug,plastic mixing bowls,wok,mugs

stock pots and hotel pans are sold separately (not included)

7797.Cuisinart food processor

7798.Osterizer 10 speed blender

7799.Toshiba TV/VCR (2 total)

7800.Toasterwell electric flat top griddle
model BG3-L

7801.Stainless steel table
77" x 30" x 40"
w/ 2 underneath shelves
contents sold separately

7802.Stainless steel hotel pans (50 total)
assorted sizes
includes some lids
bid pricex 50

7803.3 Heavy Duty Stock Pots
16" x 10" approx
bid price x 3

7803A.4 mixing bowls and 2 colanders

7804.Holmes floor fan

7805.Bionare tabletop fan

7806.Freezer chest
41" x 21" x 35"

7807.Cuisinart 12 cup food processor

7808.Stainless steel cart
49" x 23" x 58"
contents included: hotel pans-stainless steel and plastic,lids,casserole dishes,pie dish,3 rolling pins,2 silverware dividers,sheet pans,shelf liner and more

7809.40" tabletop
2" thick
(not sure if legs match?)

7810.Double sink and handwash station
50" x 27" x 43"
includes hand soap dispenser,paper towel dispenser
deep bowl
buyer uninstall

7811.Jordon 2 door freezer
56" x 34" x 80" (approx)
model SKT-44

7812.Assorted cookware: pots,pans,colander,woks (9 total)

18" x 9" x 33"
buyer uninstall

7814.Freezer chest
31" x 23" x 35"

7815.Freezer chest
32" x 23" x 33"

7816.Light pink shelving unit
35" x 21" x 60"
hotel pans sold separately

7817.Freezer chest

7818.Assorted used paints
not sure of condition

47" x 30"

7820.L-shaped countertop area
45" x 54" x 43" (approx.)

7821.Kohler elongated toilet bowl seat (new)
18 5/8"

7822.Danby air conditioner unit
energy star
buyer to uninstall

7823.Sharp comfort touch air conditioner unit
energy star
buyer to uninstall

7824.Heavy duty bell

7825.Stanely multi outlet
relocatable power taps
model DR-709S

7826.Assorted trays (11 total)
server trays,cocktail and dining trays

59" x 36"