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SOLD! Party/Event company has merged and liquidating all excess equipment. This auction is loaded with many unique items including a Stunt Jump, laser tag, inflatables, carnival games, casino equipment, trucks, DJ equipment & much more. Shippensburg, PA(Shipping is available). - Online only auction starts closing at 1pm(Eastern Time) on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Item Description
1.B-Air 1HP Blower

2.B-air 1HP Blower

3.Tool King 1HP Blower

4.White Rabbit/Bunny Costumes
Included are a couple of heads and suits with some feet and hands.
Everything in the container goes together.

5.Pet carrier with zipper door on the front
Sport Pet

6.Red dolly

7.X-Acto paper cutter

8.Promaster SystemPro Sup[er Cool Light 4
Includes 2 light bases and 4 stands.
Everything is functional, but there are some missing knobs.
Light bulbs are not included

9.JBL 2241H 18" subwoofer 
newly re-coned

10.JBL 2241H 18" subwoofer 
Newly re-coned

11.Peavy XD 2/3/4 electronic crossover unit

12.Mickey Mouse vintage carnival game
Does not include any bean bags.

13.Coin Pro metal detector

14.Fly guy blower
In working condition

15.Chauvet Bubble King
bubble maker

16.Story and Clark upright piano
All keys work.
Condition as shown in photos.
This is a pick up only item and will not be available for shipping.

17.Rainbow Fly Guy
Blower now included

18.Ghost Fly Guy
White with 2 arms and 2 faces
Blower not included

19.American Flag Fly Guy
2 legs, 2 arms, and no face
Requires 2 blowers.
Blowers are not included

20.Blue Fly Guy with 2 arms and a face
Blower not included
Manufacturer unknown
No damages or issues

21.Red, white, and blue Fly Guy
Blower not included

22.Yellow, red, and green Fly Guy
Blower not included

23.3 Picture frames
Bid price x 3

24.Groom Fly Guy
A groom in a tux with two arms and a hat.
This auction item is just for the black groom.
A blower is included

25.Single black dice

26.Bride Fly Guy
Bride in a dress and veil
Blower not included
This auction lot is only for the bride in white.

27.Emergency oar for a seadoo or small watercraft
A must have if you use jetskis or another small watercraft.

28.Polaroid camera with case

29.Canon Camcorder
model ZR70MCA
Includes case and power supply

30.Sharp VL-AH151 Hi-8 Video Camcorder
Includes case and power supply

31.Sharp VL-AH151 Ho-8 Video Camcorder
Includes case and power supply

32.ET Video Link Hot Hits
Sold as a set, disks 1001-1008, 1054-1055, and #9301

33.4 metal stakes
one has a broken tip

34.6 orange plastic stakes
one has a broken tip

35.3" plastic photo magnets
175 units total

36.ProMaster Photo Light System

37.American DJ Revo Xpress DJ Light

38.Tiffen Photo Tripod 
Model RTS RTH 4191

39.RCA 31-5021 Audio Video Receiver
Includes 1 Sony speaker

40.Manfrotto 3130 Tripod for camera/video camera/etc.

41.Stewart PA-1200 Dual Channel Amplifier
Channel 1 is not working, but channel 2 works fine.
The way Stewart makes amplifiers the 2 channels are totally independent.

42.Pioneer Vintage Music Video Laser Discs
These are from the 90s
The exact discs are on the yellow labels

43.BNC long cable for video signal

44.UtilTech Pro Portable Work Light 
model MPL 1009-LED40K840

45.Carquest 12 Volt Battery Charges 1.5 amp fully automatic CBC 1005 Automatic Storage Maintenance
10 units

46.Nikon Digital Camera D300
no batteries or charger
Camera worked last time it was used, but charger doesn't seem to work.
Battery compartment flap is also off, but in the camera case

47.Spin Art frames
quantity: 400 units

48.Phantom Shadow vintage sign
part of the 80's Americana
Homebuilt with Roller Coaster Lights, carpet covered

49.Camera stand ProMaster 7450
There is no camera mount.
Excellent - like new condition

50.Infocus Video 5000 Lumen Video Porjector
Lamp light replacement
This projector was $5000 new.  Used fo 33'x33' drive-in movie screen
Press the power button twice to turn on the lamp.  The projector works - the lamp and the temperature lights are blinking red.
Lamp hours 178 used, filter hours 316 

51.Panasonic AG-1980 SVHS Desktop Editor
Amorphous Pro Head Line
no remote

52.JVC SVHS unit
In working condition

53.Super Looper Carnival Game
works perfectly

54.Bolt cutters - blue

55.3 ton jack - blue
It works correctly
Includes red wooden box


Dora the Explorer Moon Bounce Inflatable. Comes with bag. No blower. In very good condition. There is a small part of net that has been unprofessionally fixed. Probably the size of a golf ball. Otherwise this is in excellent condition.

Blower not included

57.Sumo Wrestling Package:
Includes sumo suits, headgear, sumo mats, and sumo inflatable safety ring.
Everything you need to book Sumo for $1200 per event. (Best to have 2 spotters for safety).
Blower for the inflatable is not included.
This package is in very good condition.  These are the best suits in the world made by HEC. Donovan Yaukey will also provide you with verbal instructions on how to operate Sumo and reduce risks.
Headgear is safe, but less than new. The bun on the back part of the sumo hair headgear is likely not there.  No repairs have been needed.

58.Kick X Football Experience
This unit was used few times. The unit is in good condition. It requires 3 blowers which are not included in this sale. This was a fun attraction unit and there are very few in the USA. Buy this to have the competitive advantage on large contracts.

59.Sports Arena for dodgeball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and bouncing.
Purchased in 2007 and kept in good shape.
2007 photos are to illustrate the fun. Please view recent photos also.
Damages: none
Repairs: Possibly
Issues: might be wet and moldy

60.Ultra Ball volleyball and giant bounce house
Cutting Edge Creations
This unit is almost new.
9.8 out of 10
This unit was $11,00 new
Excellent for 18 people at a time to play volleyball or bounce. 
Two separate units that can be rented to two different clients on the same day as large bounce houses.
Damages: none
Repairs: "O" rings on the bottom where you connect the two units.
Issues: One little hole in netting, otherwise this unit ready to make you at least $1100 for each booking.

61.Mega Track manufactured by HEC
Like new. Less than 5 uses on this unit.
Great to use with the Giant Trikes which is on this auction.
Blower is not included.

62.3D Twister inflatable
Manufacturer Games to Go
No damages, no repairs, no issues
Comes with Awesome Custom Giant Twister Board
This is a popular choice for college events.

63.Fowl Play Angry Birds Inflatable Game
Like new, no repairs, no issues
Balls and slingshot are not included
made in China
Blower is not included

64.Disco Dome Inflatable Dance Arena
This is an enclosed dome that the seller designed for 150 people to dance inside. There are areas in the dome where you can mount LED lighting and an area where you can place a full-range speaker. It also works best if you use a hazer or fog machine (lightly) to enhance the dance dome experience.
Only been used 5 times.
10 out of 10, slightly used condition
There is a floor that comes out for use indoors (although you can leave it in all the time...indoors or outdoors).
The disco would make an awesome escape room, indoor karaoke dome where there is other entertainment at the same event.
The lighting and music is then only inside the dome.
No issues or repairs
Blower not included
It does come with at least two extension cords
Manufacturer: Chanal

65.Drive In Movie Screen.
This is a front screen unit. The 10x20 white screen could be replaced although I've done movies at dark the way it is. The frame is in very good condition. Does not come with blower or bungee balls to attach screen to frame.

66.Music Video Laser Discs from the 1990's
There are at least 24 laser discs in this collection.
The case is included.
They are in very good condition.


Human Foosball Arena:
This was purchased from Party Outfitters years ago. This has been a great unit for foosball at $1100 for 4 hours and also as an extra large foam pit. The unit is in good and money making condition. No Blower included. Can operate with one or two blowers. Comes with Human Foosball ropes and belts. (might not be the exact count needed for foosball)

68.Laser Tag Arena: This is the largest tag arena by Inflatable 2000. The unit was purchased 3 years ago and used only 20 times. The unit has made over $38,000 for us in that time. The unit is in excellent condition. Needs one or two large skydancer type blowers which are not included in this auction. Includes only the inflatable unit.

There are places inside to hang your own blacklights, disco lights, etc. Best inside when used with haze or light fog.

35x35 Unit from Inflatable 2000
Can be used as a Haunted House Maze and Hide and Seek.


Laser Blast Computer Laser Tag  Guns & Syetem.
This auction item includes the laser tag guns, the two backup starter guns, the computer system and rack (Rack you might want to organize and/or replace), the blacklights and strobe lights in the photographs.

Lights are not guaranteed to work, but the laser blast system is 100% functional and ready to make you money


Foam Dance Party System:

This is an approximate 20 x 20 inflatable foam dance party pit. The condition is good. Some stitching in corners might be good to address, but guests don't get on this unit. It's a wall to keep the foam in. There is an inflatable blue floor that can be velcroed in also. No blower included.

71.Professional Audio Cables
There are two 100' Speakon to Speakon Cables that are wired to run 2 amps through them.
There are two 25' Speakon to Speakon Cables that are configured to allow two amps to run through them.
There are two Speakon to Speakon Cables that allow one amp to run through them.
Comes with a Rubbermaid container.
In 100% excellent ready to use condition
New value over $500

72.Zero Stock Stunt Jump
This unit was purchased new.
Manufacturers are Inflatable 2000 and Spectrum Sports
This has been the centerpiece of the seller's business and was extremely popular.
Cossio Insurance will insure this attraction with underwriter Admiral.
Both stunt bags are in usable condition.
The landing area of the bags are worn but 100% safe.
The trailer has some cosmetic issues, but in no way affects the safety of this amusement ride.
The staircase goes up and down and secures as per the manufacturer specifications.
This unit rented for $2000 for a 4 hour event.
Does not come with fencing
Zero shock blowers are included!

73.Easter Bunny Costumes

74.Karaoke Amplifier from 1990
BMD Digital Echo Amplifier model DA-X1
This was the best karaoke mixer with a built-in amplifier that the seller had in their 33 year history.
The knobs might be a bit screwy, but the unit works. Not sure about the cassette deck. It probably works also.
Comes in a Rack Mount Carpet covered case purchased new in June 1990.
Great for home karaoke system!

75.Folder Photo Frames - 5"x7"
2 open boxes of approximately 80 white folders for 5"x7" prints

76.Potty Toss Carnival Game
Plastic carnival game from Huffer Amusements
Includes balls and legs to create a higher game
Endless potty humor

77.Over/under Wood Carnival Game
Does not include balls
Shipping is not available!
Pick up only.

78.Skee Ball Carnival Game - wood
Does not include balls
Shipping is not available for this item.
Pick up only.

79.Triple Lane Over/Under Game - wood
Needs to be cleaned and refurbished
Does not include balls.
With a little bit of love, it will provide hours of fun play.
Shipping is not available for this item.
Pick up only.

80.Giant Twister Spinner Wheel
Excellent condition

81.Giant Twister Spinner Wheel
As is, it has some scuffs, but works great

82.Dual Spin Art
Holds 5"x7" cards

83.Floor Hockey Set
Includes 2 goalie sticks 12 regular sticks, 9 pucks, 1 goalie mask, and assorted tape.
It's a guaranteed goal!

84.Horseshoe Game
Includes tote, 4 sets of shoes, mallet, 2 stakes, and measuring tape.
Great yard game!

85.Trade Show Road Case 
Black plastic, on wheels
has a shelf

86.Large black handtruck
Ideal for photo booths, inflatables, etc.

87.Random box of photo booth props with tote
Assorted hats, glasses, signs, etc.

88.HitTi Photo Printer
Has partial roll of film in printer and 1 full unopened roll

89.Cutter A - Master Pro XY300P-VISO computer
unsure if functional

90.Misc Street Vinyl Street Sign Paper- includes crate
Shipping is not available.
Pick up only.

91.Misc Street Vinyl Street Sign Paper- in bin without lid. Transfer tape for street signs
Shipping is not available.
Pick up only.

92.DJ Table Top Facade. White. Great for weddings. Small hole in one screen.

93.Medium Black Anvil Case on Wheels -
Great Condition. Interior padded with 2" Foam. Interior Case measurements: 16 1/2"w x 32"l x 31 1/2"h
Exterior Case measurements: 21 1/2"w x 37"l x 34"h (42 1/2"h with wheels & lid) 

94.Blank Anvil Case on wheels

96. 2 Chauvet Black Shadow Black Light-
 Comes two clamps and spare bulb.
Bid price x 2

97.2 American DJ UV Canons. Great working condition with power cord and clamps
Bid price x 2

98.Star Ball Light.
Comes with Rubbermaid Crate. Works.
Had 65415 bulb inside and could an egg if on more than five minutes.

99.Walla Balla Strap it On Game.
Includes 14 strap-ons.
One extra ball included.

100.Yellow Tic Tac Toe;
Homebuilt Tick Tak Toe.
No balls.

101.Disc Jockey Equipment:
Includes Numark 1200 DJ Mixer, American Audio Dual CD Player MCD 710, Numark MP3 Single CD Player Model MP102, Mid Atlantic Power Center PD-915 R in a Black Carpeted Modern Case Company Case.

102.Glitter Tattoo Box:
Includes the stuff in the photo.
Comes with glitter tattoo jars with some glitter in them to use. Also includes the expensive Air brush/Tattoo Gun black 0G gun purchased from European Body Art. Case in the condition as the photo describes. Handle works, 2 wheels missing, Handle missing. Comes with new hose and air compressor. Brushes and stencils are in the box also.

103.Air Brush Tattoo System and Glitter Art with Instructions:
This includes all the 3/4 used European bought tattoo paint, Instructions, European Body Art Black Case, and the Chrome G2 European Body art expensive gun. It appears that the handle is working as well as the luggage pull handle.

104.American DJ Water Column

105.Utilitech 4 foot black lights.
4 working bulbs.
One side of the four foot of the fixture doesn't seem to work.

106. Trade Show Display - Table Top,
Reversable - Black or Grey

107.American Audio DJ CD Player in Roadcase -
Model SCD-100 -
As is, may or may not work, missing a knob and slider. Solid roadcase

108.Small Bingo Machine.
With cards in wooden carry cases.
In very good condition. With tote of card marking chips

109.Large Bingo Game.
Two large boxes.
Five small bingo card cases.

110.Chuck-a-luck Machine.
Dice wagering game.

111.American DJ UV Panel

112.Numark AVM01 Audio Video Mixer.
No idea if it works, No power cord. It worked in the 2000's when I bought it. Might be considered "vintage."

113.Green Screen:
This is approximately 10 feet wide x 8 feet tall.
 This was used for Make Your Own Music Videos and things like Boogie Bodies/Big Head Videos/etc.
Fine condition. Works well

114.Wright Brothers Speakers.
These are lightweight 15 Inch woofer with Horn/High.
Bid price x 2

115.Behringer EuroLive B1520
Full Range Passive Speaker.
We used as a monitor for the DJ.
 like new condition.

116.Like New Used DJ Mixer Rack
Includes the following: Black Odyssey Case, Numark CDN-88 Dual CD Player, Numark DM-1295 DJ Mixer, Numark CDN-325 Dual CD Player, Furman Power Conditioner, Samson 5-3 way Stereo/Mono Crossover, Lyte Quest Pro SFC-288 (8 channel control system for DJ Lights with Dual Timers), One QSC RMX2450 Amplifier, One QSC RMX2450 Amplifier, One QSC RM 2450 Amplifier, and ALL the speakers cords you need for this system. 
This Rack was not used often. Probably less than 10 events.
Everything in the rack is in excellent condition.

117.Alesis iMultimix 8 USB Mixing Board -
Like new 8 channel audio mixer with dock for 30-pin iPod, missing power supply

118.JBL MPro 418S
18 inch
like new
passive sub woofer.

119.American DJ 4 headlight strip.
4 head oscillator.
Like new.

120.BL TR Series Passive Speakers.
Model TR125.
Like new.
Bid price x 2

121.American DJ Avenger 2 Light - #1.
Like new. Needs 2 bulbs. 65415 Bulbs.

122.American DJ Avenger 2 Light - #2. Like new. Needs 2 bulbs. 65415 Bulbs.

123.American DJ Snap Shot 2 Strobe Light 
Large fixture works.

123A.American DJ Snap Shot 2 Strobe Light 
Large fixture works.

124.American DJ Big Shot Strobe Light -
Small fixture works

125.Chauvet Tracer System Set -
4 flashing DJ lights sold as set. 1 Master and 3 Slaves.
Comes with cables to wire in series.
Brand new never used, no original packaging.
1 slave does not light up, probably needs a fuse.

top of the line Shop Van purchased at Lowe's.
This was used once. No issues No problems, but you may wish to clean it

127.American Audio MCD-710 Dual CD Player -
appearance in good condition,
Players work, but digital display does not.

128.Numark DJ rack 3 player with mixer:
This rack works. It has a Numark DM-1200 Mixer, American Audio DCD Pro Dual CD Player, American Audio 240 MCD-110 in a Modern Cas

129.Visio TV with Remote and Cords
Works. Comes in home-built wooden case.
model number D39H-DO. 
The measurement is 38 inches diagonal

130.100 ft 12 Channel Audio Snake.
This snake is in working order.

131.Black Carpeted CD Case.
Sturdy with working handle.
Can be re-purposed.

133.Numark DM 1200 Audio Mixer -
Powers up, some knobs missing or broken

134.Spin Art Machine -
Needs to be fixed. This is a single spin art machine that can be used for spin art cards and spin art frisbees.

135. Spin Art Supplies:
Includes the blue rubbermaid bin of spin art cards and frames.
Count unknown

136.Trailer Ball Mount Hitch-
Larger Trailers: Includes everything in the photo. No known issues or problems.

137.Trailer Ball Mount Hitch (view photos):
This is for the unit in the photos. No known issues or problems.

138. Trailer Ball Mount (view photos):
Includes the hitch in the photos. No known issues or problems.

139.Trailer Ball Mount Hitch (view photos):
Includes the hitch in the two photos. No known issues or problems

140.Trailer Ball Mount Hitch (view photos) includes the hitch in the photo that is marked
No known issues or problems.

141.Pintle Hooke Trailer Mount:
Includes the pintle hook in the photo. No known issues or problems.

142.Trailer Ball Mount Hitch with 2 inch ball.
This auction item includes the unit marked 142. Ball size might be larger than 2 inch

143.Foam Masters Value Foam,
brand new in 5 gallon buckets.
There are four unopened buckets.
Bid price x 4

144.Air Brush Guns in black plastic case.
Used once.
In like new condition.

145.Little Sky Dancers (6)
Includes mini-flappy sky dancer type units.
Seller has never used them. They were purchased used 10 years ago. They come in the blue rubbermaid container

146.Spin Art Brackets (6):
There are 6 spin art brackets that are for spin art cards.
No known issues or problems but these are sold as is where is.
They fit on the plastic spin art machines that are available for sale and listed as a different auction item.

147. Numark CDN-710 Dual CD Player with Modern 19" rack mount case. This unit works.

148.Blank Spin Art Frisbees. 70 in the box.

149. Air Brush Stencils, Gloves, and Accessories: 6 compressor hoses, gloves, Air brush gun holder, Stencil books, loose stencils, Zero G gun holder, and a wonderful blue rubbermaid case

150.Telescope Keychains and puncher. This auction item includes the rubbermaid tote and supplies that the photo shows. Unknown quantity but more than you can produce during one 4 hour event.

151.Snow Globes for Photo Novelty.
There are 26 new boxes with 6 globes in each box. Comes in blue case that is very heavy.

152.Blue Wooden Carnival Game:
This is a home built carnival game. Probably over 30 years old. I am not sure how this game works and I have never used it or rented it.

153.Candle Art Wax - 8 Colors. These are unopened bags of candle art wax. Comes in a rubber maid container

154.Sand Art Supplies: This lot includes a "Sand Art" Banner, Two Large Pro Turf Boxes with excellent wheels, Sand Art boxes with funnels, bowls, miscellaneous things to produce spin art a events, Clam Shell Bottles Larger, Clam Shell Bottles Smaller, and Little Bottles. Assorted inventory of colored sand in 5 gallon buckets and road cases and assorted bottles: 29 Large Sea SHells, 5 Moons, 5 Round Flowers, 19 Smiley Faces, 21 Flowers, 24 Aliens, 15 Butterflies, 15 Mid-sized sea shells, 97 Small Shells, 105 Bottles

155.7.5 x 10 ft DaLite Projection Screen -
 Frame in good shape, comes with 40" tall black velvet skirt. Screen needs cleaned, small hole in lower left edge. This screen is can be used as a front projection or a rear projection.

156.Enferno Torch Light - 2 - American DJ, great condition, both fully tested and working. Great fire effect lighting

157.7.5 x 10 ft DaLite Projection Screen #2 -
Frame in good shape, comes with 40" tall black velvet skirt. Screen needs to be cleaned, small hole in lower center. Snap along bottom are separated from the screen. Missing one screw for the leg, comes with 3 out of 4 only.

158. Sony SnapLab Printer with Roadcase and 4 x 6 Paper stock -
Dye-sublimation printer can directly print from 5 different types of camera cards. Comes with 4 sets of film/paper, short one print to test and one extra roll of paper with no film. Print tray is cracked on one side but still sits in place. Screen worked fine when in the down position, when tilted up it created a loose connectioin and machine needed to be rebooted.
Otherwise tested and worked fine.

159.Chauvet Snow Machine -
 Motor works, fluid tube clogged.
Includes bracket for hanging and extra long corded remote.

160.Crown CE 1000 AMP -
As is, only one side lights up. Left channel of the amplifier works properly. Right channel is in "fault" mode and does not work correctly. In a black carpeted rack mount case.

161.Truck 6; 2006 International 4300. 7.6 L T466
Diesel with 282,000 professionally maintained miles.
Awesome 4000 pound folding extra large Liftgate,
Train Horn,
Well Maintained.
Air needs re-charged.
Dual diesel tanks.
 Very good running truck.

162.Truck 7 2000 Chevy W (it's an Isuzu that Chevy Marketed) with Large Aluminum working Liftgate.
Mileage 236,00 miles.
Professionally maintained.
In the last 15 years that the seller owned this truck they installed a brand new Isuzu transmission. Sometimes when cold the Transmission light will come on but after 15 minutes on the road the transmission light goes off. There is a blinking coil light that blinks all the time.
The Isuzu dealership told the seller that this does not need to be repaired. It can be turned off by going into the diesel engine and repairing the sensor which will cost over $5000 to do.
The dealership said it is fine to keep driving with the coil light blinking. No known other issues or problems.
The original box hit a bridge and was demolished. Box was replaced with a brand new box approximately 12 years ago. Then after brand new box was installed, it was canned and scraped the top at a poorly marked low overpass in New Jersey.
This box does leak in the front of the box due to the scrappage.
Air conditional works but may need re-charged. 

163.Truck 2, 2002 F-450 Power Stroke Diesel V8, with Liftgate,
266,500 miles
During seller's 15 year history of owning this truck, This truck has been professionally maintained by a truck repair facility. Seller installed factory direct new Ford Motor and Transmission approximately 10 years ago.
Liftgate works fine, but rusty with a hole on left hand side. Liftgate goes up and down and can handle at least 500 pounds on it.
Box leaks slightly over cab into the box. Not horrendous leak but it does leak. Has never hit a bridge.
Brand new radiator and repairs to front of the truck. 
Plugs in during the cold months.
It is a diesel. Fuel only with Diesel.
Has a rusty tool case on driver side.
This truck is a little sluggish for an F-450 Power Stroke Diesel but pulls our 10,000 pound Zero Shock Stunt jump just fine.
This truck has dual wheels in the back. 

164.Empty Air Brush Glitter Case

165.Gem Sound DJ Rack with Mixer and Dual CD Player.
Working Numark DM-1200 Mixer and Working Numark CDN-710 Dual CD Player.
Includes the black carpeted 19 inch rack mount Case with front and rear and top covers.

166.Game Show System #1 -
Creative Imagineering Game Show System GSS-4.
 Includes 4 player podiums in Red, Blue, Yellow & Green lights, with Controller, DMX cables, power cables, podium microphones and quiz books. Can not guarantee operational status.
The numark mixer has lost a few screws but works 100%. The last time seller used this system the mics did not work but the scoring did. Comes with black 19 inch slant rack case for the Game Show Controller and the Numark Mixer.
This was $6000 new and the manufacturer is still in business

167.Game Show System #2 -
Original Creative Imagineering Game Show System GSS-4.
Includes 2 player podiums, X-brace stands, and trivia books. NOTHING else included: no controller, no wires, no microphones.

168. Porcupine Disco Light.
Lights up. Doesn't spin.

169.4 Sided Disco light.
Par 36s Tumbling Dice.
Works. It's a classic.


Heavy Duty Truss Stands. For lifting truss systems. Goes up pretty high like 15 feet in the air and will safely hold the global square truss with 500 pounds of lighting on the truss. These are 100 pounds each. They are in working order.



American DJ Starball II Light. Lights up and and kind of spins.


American DJ Starball II Light. Very good conditions. Lights up and spins very well.


LeMaitre Pyroflash 2-4 controller. Works.


Karaoke DJ rack. Numark C2 19 inch mixer, Numark CDN 25 +G Dual CD player, ARIS power distribution Unit, and RSQ DVD 505Gplayer. All working.


Di-Sublimation System - From RPL Supplies Includes Heat Press, Ricoh Printer, and assorted inventory of ink cartridges, Paper and novelty gift items. Inventory includes:

85 - Coffee Mugs

10 - small iPhone cases

18 - iPhone Cases

34 - 3" Square Case

31 - Circle Case

37 - iPod Cases

25 - Large Slanted Frames

21 - Flat

24 - Little Slanted

27 - 8" Plates

3 - Mini SLanted Frames

24 - Medium Turny

24 - LIttle Turny

24 - Big Turny

27 - Paperweight

22 - Bigger Picture

23 - Clocks


Photo Op Face in Hole Vintage: Three face in hole photo op novelty units. They are approximately 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall. The appear to be hand painted. Never used by me. These may be considered vintage Americana works of art.


Street Signs for Novelty Street Sign program. Over 4000 signs, red, blue, green, orange. See photo for individual number of each color. We used these for colleges for our "Make Your Own Street Signs " novelty program. We charged $1100 for 4 hours with up to 120 signs for the event. They are plastic.


Mixer DJ Rack. As is. Numark DM1235 mixer Pre Amp/Mixer with Tempo Difference and "the Beat Keeper." Numark CDN 25 +G Dual CD player, and American DJ PDP 800 Power Distribution Panel.

The mixer appears to be working correctly. Issues with the Numark CDN 25: The left cd drawer appears to play regular CDs but not cdgs. The Right drawer does not play anything and the drawer keeps coming open by itself.

The carpet covered Case is in poor condition and will not stand up on it's own. I suggest you install the equipment into another rack and discard this carpet covered case.

180.Headset Microphones.  4 Shure headset over the ear microphones and   6 OSP HS-09 Ear Set Omni Condesnro over the ear mics-including two belt pack wires.  Does not include belt packs, transmitters, or receivers.  Works with any Shure wireless system.

181.BLACKJACK # 14 : Standard Blackjack table with 2 chip trays, mounted stand-up legs, shoe-horn with playing cards. 

182.Blackjack Table # 20 : Standard Blackjack table with 2 chip trays, mounted stand-up legs, shoe-horn with playing cards. 

183.Standard Blackjack table with mounted stand-up legs, shoe-horn with playing cards. Some minor rips and tears, bumper coming loose but solid table structure overall. 
CAS-BJ-01 :

184.Standard Blackjack table with mounted stand-up legs, shoe-horn with playing cards. Some minor rips and tears however the table structure is solid. 
CAS-BJ-02 :

185.Standard Blackjack table with 2 chip trays, mounted stand-up legs, shoe-horn with playing cards. 
CAS-BJ-09 :

186.Standard Blackjack table with mounted stand-up legs, shoe-horn with playing cards. Some minor rips and tears however the table structure is solid. 
CAS-BJ-10 :

187.Standard Blackjack table with mounted stand-up legs, shoe-horn with playing cards. Some minor rips, missing 3 cup holders and chip tray 
CAS-BJ-15 :

188.Standard Blackjack table with 1 chip tray, mounted stand-up legs, shoe-horn with playing cards. 
CAS-BJ-17 :

189.7 Metal Briefcases filled with medium weight casino playing chips. White, red, black, purple and green. Briefcases are banged up but all close.

190.4 Totes of Heavy Weighted Casino Playing Chips. Colors: white, red, pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow, green

191.Large roulette table
Comes with large roulette table surface, 2 wooden legs, 1 large roulette wheel, 1 marker and 1 marble.

192.Money Wheel Tabletop with mounted table legs, money wheel stand and money wheel itself. Stand is somewhat beat up but wheel is in good condition. Minor repair work and it will look new.

193.Standard raffle drum with a few rolls of raffle tickets.

194.Small Craps table
Comes with a craps tabletop surface, 2 wooden ends, 2 wooden legs, 2 wooden sides, on/off marker, dice and rake.

195.Small roulette table Comes with roulette table surface with mounted stand-up legs, 1 black table skirt, 1 small roulette wheel, 1 marker and 1 marble.

196.Standard Texas Hold ‘Em / Poker Table with mounted stand-up legs.

197.Standard Texas Hold ‘Em / Poker Table with mounted stand-up legs.

198.Standard Texas Hold ‘Em / Poker Table with mounted stand-up legs. Missing one cup holder, sturdy but needs the table mounted legs to be repaired.

199.Standard Texas Hold ‘Em / Poker Table with mounted stand-up legs.

200.Standard Texas Hold ‘Em / Poker Table with mounted stand-up legs. Missing a majority of the cup holders and has significant amounts of rips. Table structure is good.

201.Standard Roulette Tabletop in decent condition, does not have legs , roulette wheel nor does it have chip trays. 
CAS-TT-01 :

202.Standard Roulette Tabletop in decent condition, does not have legs , roulette wheel nor does it have chip trays. 
CAS-TT-02 :

203.Standard Roulette Tabletop in decent condition, does not have legs , roulette wheel nor does it have chip trays. 
CAS-TT-03 :

204.Standard Roulette Tabletop in decent condition, does not have legs , roulette wheel nor does it have chip trays. This one is longer.
CAS-TT-04 :

205.CRAPS LARGE : Comes with a large craps tabletop surface, 2 wooden ends, 2 wooden legs, 2 wooden sides, on/off marker, dice and rake.

206.Big-Joe Battery Powered Pallet Jack Walk Behind.   This unit was professionally maintained.  Works 100% to our knowledge.   View photos to see model number and specifications.  Local Pickup only. 

207.Aluminum Ramp: 13 Feet 6 1/2 Long x 2 feet 1 1/4 Wide x Rail is 4 Inches thick. 

208.Pallet Racks.  Number of Pairs of Cross bars for Shelving:   26 Orange, 77 green (total 103) Some shelving has metal grate shelve gates. Number of Uprights: 25. Some shelving has metal grate shelve gates. Some have 2 x 4s and wood for the shelve floor. BUYER MUST REMOVE ON JUNE 27, 28, 2.   BUYER MUST DISASSEMBLE THEM AND TAKE THEM ALL.   PHOTOS OF THE 2 BUILDINGS GIVES YOU AN IDEA OF HOW LONG THE PALLET SHELVES ARE IN EACH BUILDING. 

209.12 Little Orange Cones in good condition. Orange. Cones. Small.  Bid price x 12

210.12 Large Orange Cones .  Large. Orange. Cones in usable condition.  Plastic.  Bid pri ce x 12

211.3 Watch Dogs   3 functioning watch dog units in usable condition.  Bid price x 3

212.Pallet of Bags x 10:  10 usable bags to cover inflatables when rolled up.  They are sizes from Moonbounce to larger inflatables. Bid price x 10(You are bidding in each bag)

213.Old Monkey Motion Poles:  Buy must pickup and take all of the old poles.  These poles from 2005 to two years ago.  You might be able to re-purpose and  might have a good use for them.   These are as is. (none are damaged in any way...)  Can be used on the Extreme Engineering unit called the Monkey Motion Extreme Air Quad Pods and the Extreme Engineering Inline units.  They are more than 2 years old.  Buyer must remove them from the ground.  

214.8 foot square global truss units.  No issues or problems. 

215.Global Truss Brackets for Square Global Truss. 

216.JBL SRX Double 18 inch SR419A Bass Speaker:  These are in working order. See photos for cosmetic appearance.  These are passive bass enclosures with two 18 Inch JBL woofers inside each cabinet.  

217.Custom 3 amp pro audio case with 2 crown macrotech 3600 vz amplifiers in working order, 1 mackie amplifier FR Series M-800 in working condition, Get off my case professional anvil type case, Behringer Crossover model number CX2300, Behringer Ultra Graph Pro EQ Model FEQ1502  Equalizer, and custom built plug ins. (the place you plug in your speakers was wired by a professional sound person to make it easy to hook up to 6 different passive speaker enclosures.  See other auction items for the professional speakers and the cords that were used with this Custom 3 amp pro audio case.   Everything in the professional case is in working order. 

218.15 Foot Diagonal Front or rear screen.  Screen is usable but has a few missing snaps.  I used in February.   

219.15 Foot Diagonal Front or Rear Screen: Manufacturer Da-Lite.  Screen is in usable condition but is missing a few snaps. 

220.Hybrid Case in good condition.  This case can hold two little projectors or whatever you want to use it for. 

221.In Focus Video Projector:   Purchased new in June of 2018.  In working order.  No remote. 

222.In Focus Video Projector :  Purchased new in June of 2018.  In working order.  No remote.

223.Crown 1200 amp in a black carpeted 19 inch rack.   This is an as is unit.  It is likely to work appropriately but we don't know.  

224.SRX 700 JBL (x2)  Full range passive speaker enclosures.  These are top of the line SRX series enclosures.  They are 100% functional.  Look at photos for the cosmetic appearance.  Bid price x 2 (You are bidding on each enclosure)

226.Panasonic 2300 lumen video projector #1

227.Panasonic 2300 lumen video projector #2

228.EON JBL 12 Inch Water Damage #1:  This is a powered 12 inch full range enclosure that has a little water damage.  Likely to be in good working condition.  comes with bag with non-working zipper.  

229. EON JBL 12 Inch Water Damage #1:  This is a powered 12 inch full range enclosure that has a little water damage.  Likely to be in good working condition.  comes with bag with non-working zipper.  

230.SRX Series SR 4718A sub woofer 18 inch (x2);  Passive JBL 18 inch bass enclosure.  See photos for cosmetic appearance.  They are in working order.  Bid price x 2(You are bidding on each sub woofer)

232.Starball light-works. This is an American DJ light fixture with a bulb inside.  works. 

233.American DJ Star Light (works) is a mirror effect light. It works. 

234.JBL Sound Factor SF 25 Speaker (x2):  Passive full range speaker enclosures in working order.  See photos for cosmetic appearance.  Bid price x 2(You are bidding on each speaker)

236.Denon DJ Controller with laptop:   Working MC-3000 Denon Digital Control with a working  Acer laptop.  No software is on the laptop.  Comes with professional case to hold the denon digital mixer. 

237.JBL G2 Full Range Speaker built in amplifier;  In working order.  View photos for cosmetic appearance.   Has 15 inch woofer and horn/tweeter.  

238.JBL EON G2 BASS Speaker built in amplifier. This is bass only.  has 15 inch bass woofer inside. (Yes, these's not a was a real model)

239.Kingdom Photo Lounge and Arcade Style Booth:   This is the best of the best in Photo Booth Companies.  They service that is provided 24/7 by Kingdom is excellent.  Buyer will need to sign a new contract with Kingdom.   Contact kingdom for their specifications.   This specific model is unique because it can be rented as a lounge or as a complete arcade style booth.  See photos for cosmetic appearance and the difference between a lounge and a booth.  Functions 100%.  View kingdom website for the features.  Some features that we used included Color and Black and White strips, 4x6 photos, e-mail, facebook, video recording to name a few.  This machine will do far more.  Comes with bill collector that does not presently work.  Kingdom might be able to fix the bill collector for you.   Pickup only.   We charged $1000 for a 4 hour event. 

240.Casino Black Jack #19:  Look at photos.  It works.  

241.Pioneer Karaoke Laser Discs:   These are from 1990.  These are considered "classic."   They are all in working condition.  Look at box to see the approximate number of discs.   Includes black carpeted case. 

242.24 sand bags on a palette;  These are 50 pound sandbags. They work.  Some do not have handles. Bid price x 24

243.26 Sand Bags on pallette.  These are sand bags purchased from HEC and possibly Tent and Table.  Some have working hands, some do not.  Every sandbag has a ring to hook a carabiner on to connect to your inflatable unit.  Each sandbag is filled with 50 pounds of play sand.  Almost every sand bag was wrapped in two kitchen trash bags and then into a large kitchen bag and then placed inside the commercial sand bag.   Therefore, most of the 26 sandbags do not leak sand.  Bid price x 26