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Item Description
1.Carousel moonwalk 
Manufactured by AOQI in 2007.
Horses and netting look good, lots of reinforced seams, some black spots inside jump space, a few seams pulling apart. 
Needs both a 2 HP and a 2.5 HP fan, fans not included. 
25'x25'x25, approx 280 lbs.

2.CrayonLand Combo -
manufactured by Inflatable Games Inc 2011. 
soft with a 2+ HP fan (not included), a few patches along the seams.
One of the zipper vents are sewn shut.  Roughly a 2" hole on side near BBall goal (outside).  Roughly a 1" sewn hole under the same BBall goal. 
Inside is solid and looks good.  7/10.
25'25'15'H, approx 300 lbs
Fan not included.

3.Jukebox Karaoke -
Includes original music, no microphones or TV included. 
Buttons on top don't work, but does come with a working remote.  Comes in the case. 
Operates as a karaoke machine, plays music videos, or background music. 
Book with original music listings included. 
10'x6', approx 200 lbs with case. 

4.Laser Tag -
Very solid inflatable, 5-6 patches on top, lots of tape and patches throughout floor, black lights not included, giant shop fan included.
approx 35'x35'x9'H, approx 800 lbs.

5.Movie Screen -
1 HP fan, not included. 
1 small patch and another roughly 2" rip in the screen. 
100 lbs.

6.Mountain Climb -
Manufactured by Fun Equipment. 
1 small patch on pillow. 
Inflatable very solid. 
Belay lines could be replaced as well as harnesses. 
Most climb blocks are solid. 
two corners have been repaired.  1 belay bar missing. 
30'x30'x22'H, approx 300 lbs.

7.Popcorn Machine -
12 OZ kettle, 30AMP breaker required to power. 
Gold Medal
approx 80 lbs.

8.Princess Palace -
Manufactured by Ninja in 2010. 
This unit is very nice, like new, super clean and very sturdy.
Requires 2 HP fan, not included. 
missing most of the Velcro game pieces inside. 
17'x19'x11'H, approx 250 lbs. 

9.Shark Tank -
Netting needs replaced.  Lots of patches in bladder. 
Target frame is rough, backdrop okay (faded). 
Main frame is very solid. 
Super popular unit.

10.Slide N Glide -
Manufactured by Inflatables 2000 in 2013. 
Requires 2 HP fan, not included. 
Steps look great, very solid, roughly 3" rip at bottom of slide and bumper. 
40'x18'x13'H, approx 400 lbs

11.Spiderman Combo -
Manufactured by Cutting Edge in 2006. 
Requires 2+ HP fan, not included. 
Ripped netting above stairs on slide.  Few small patches throughout and some discoloration.  Slide stairs are in grate shape. 
25'x25'x15'H, approx 300 lbs.

12.Surf N Slide 1 -
Blue Slide Cover, Manufactured by Cutting Edge in 2003. 
Zipper rough, but works.  Few small patches. 
2 HP fan, not included. 
34'x9'x9'H, approx 250 lbs.

13.Surf N Slide 2 -
White Slide Cover, Manufactured by Cutting Edge in 2003. 
2+ HP fan, not included.
zipper rough with lots of patches throughout unit. 
34'x9'x9'H, approx 250 lbs.

14.Throne -
brand new, used maybe 5 times. 
Manufactured by Ninja.
1 HP fan more than enough.  Fan not included
Solid unit, colors bright, no chips to artwork. 
Tiny bit of discoloration on right side of back. 
Roughly 200 lbs. 

Trike Track -
Manufactured by Cutting Edge. 
lots of tape and patches, entrance and exit pretty rough.
Fan not included
25'x40'x10'H, approx 200 lbs.

16.Water Tag -
Inflatable only. 
Manufactured by HEC.
1 HP fan, not included. 
Very few small patches throughout, some discoloration on the inside.  Dirty and old, but still solid. 
Worked great as an obstacle course for kids in wheel chairs.    20'x36'x8'H, approx 200 lbs.